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Learning at Kurus English

Posted: 17th February 2016 08:45

Kurus English is an extraordinary language school situated in Cape Town, South Africa.  They offer the highest quality English tuition, bringing together classroom based small group learning and Language Excursions into the real world specifically designed to extend your knowledge of the English language.  These not only give you a fun and engaging way to learn a new language, but also introduce you to the history, culture and modern soul of Cape Town.  The charming heritage building that has become Kurus English’s school is right at the heart of the city, in one of the most beautiful areas.  The fresh, brightly coloured rooms are the perfect place to learn, and the staff are all qualified and experienced teachers as well as native speakers.

Achieving lasting results

The finely balanced combination of theory and practice used by Kurus English allows you to improve your English language skills permanently.  Situation-oriented learning and teaching are always complemented with classroom learning to help you make your own very personal discovery experiences.

Memorable encounters

The time that you spend with interesting people from cultures from all over the world, be it people you meet on the trips or the other students, will give you lasting memories to treasure for a lifetime.  This emotional attachment to the time you spend at Kurus English and the friends you keep in touch with mean that you will be able to remember and practice the skills that you learned.

Language Excursions

Language Excursions are a key part of Kurus English’s successful approach to language teaching.  Three times a week students are taken out of the classroom to be immersed in the language in the real world, giving you a chance to experience South Africa and practice your English on real people.  Your teacher will be on hand the entire time to help you out, making this the perfect stepping stone between classroom leaning and authentic interaction.

South African History

South Africa is rich in history; this legacy still remains and is reflected in a particular set of social and economic challenges for the country and its people.  During this Language Excursion, you pay a visit to the Slave Lodge and District Six to gain insight into a history of repression for economic and political gain for the few.  On the last day however you will embark on a train ride to experience what is finally possible today in the diverse and culturally rich South Africa of this millennium.

Food & Cuisine

Cape Town is a city with a particularly interesting and diverse food scene.  This excursion begins with a visit to a local spice shop before you walk to the home of your host to sample mildly spicy Cape Malay dishes.  On the second Language Excursion, you will visit the sleek and efficient kitchens of a Five star Cape Town Hotel.  Afterwards, you are treated to a celebrity chef style dessert workshop, where you prepare a famous Malva pudding!  On the third Excursion, you visit Chisa Nyama in Langa to sample a tasty barbeque – an authentic Xhosa culinary experience.


Take a guided walk along the lower slopes of Table Mountain to the source of the stream which defines the origin of the city as we know it today; the Camissa.  Here, you learn of the springs and streams which supplied water to the town dating way back to the mid 1600s.  Next, on a boat trip around Intaka Island, you learn about natural water purification processes which ensures clean water for this dense and highly-developed urban centre, before finally visiting the Urban Bio-Diversity Park.


Kurus English, 70 Wale Street, Cape Town, South Africa

Phone: +27 21 426 4606


Twitter: @KurusEnglish

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