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Introducing Tzaneen

Posted: 1st August 2017 10:04

Tzaneen benefits from being a little known destination, famous for its bananas, tomatoes and mangoes rather than its tourist attractions.  You won’t find it overcrowded with tourists, or filled with souvenir hawkers, and is best enjoyed at a more relaxed, laid back pace.  In short, this is a charming and authentic town, perfect for discovering real South Africa.

The best local attraction might well be the Tzaneen Dam which is rises an impressive 50 metres high.  A reservoir stretches for miles behind the dam and the area has been declared a nature reserve, complete with picnic areas, a campsite and the opportunity to go boating on the lake.  Hippos and crocodiles dwell in the water so you might be able to take some memorable photographs – just don’t get too close or you might remember it for the wrong reasons.

The imaginatively named Tzaneen museum is also worth a visit, containing culturally significant items from local groups like the Tsonga people.  Its pottery collection stretches back 2,000 years while the wooden sculptures are great examples of contemporary art.  The area surrounding the town is heavily forested and mountainous, making it perfect for exploration, and Kruger National Park is just a short trip away.

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