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Mozambique’s Best Beaches

Posted: 19th February 2016 08:31

Most travellers are completely unaware that Mozambique has some of the most stunning coastlines in Africa, so it is a nice surprise the first time they stumble onto a beautiful sandy beach. We just ruined that surprise for you, but, we are also going to give you the lowdown on the very best beaches around, so don’t be too upset.

Mozambique is a very active place, so many of the beaches are dominated by sporting activities like scuba diving and jet skiing but if you’re all worn out from a long bus journey there are others perfect for just lying back with a good book.  Additionally, many of the beaches play host to or are within easy reach of surprisingly good nightlife where you can drink beneath the stars as the water laps at your ankles.  Hostels and places to eat are usually conveniently located too.

Tofo Beach

Tofo is the best diving spot in Mozambique thanks to a massive underwater reef, and attracts enthusiasts from all over the world.  Reef sharks and manta rays are present in the clear blue waters as are a host of colourful fish.  There are more diving operators than you can shake a stick at, including our favourite Peri Peri Divers, so you shouldn’t find it hard to get beneath the waves for a fair price.  The nightlife at Tofo is also right up there with the best the country has to offer; the town is very much a case of play hard party harder.  The beach itself is broken up into several sections, each comprised of beautiful golden sand.

Benguerra Island

Not technically one beach, Benguerra offers a whole island’s worth of sand to explore, located just off the coast in the Indian Ocean.  Part of the Barazuto Archipelago National Park, Benguerra offers pristine sandy beaches, has wetlands and forested areas inland, and is another classy diving location (although snorkelling is also popular for the less experienced) coral reefs surround the island hosting all manner of marine life.  Another popular activity is fishing; you can take a boat out to sea and catch some huge fish which are speedily released back into their natural habitat.  The main difficulty could lie in choosing which of Benguerra’s many beaches to haunt, especially if you only have a few days to soak in the sands and sun.

Xai Xai Beach

The southern city of Xai Xai is often shunned by tourists in a country that is often shunned by tourists, meaning you’ll have plenty of space to relax.  It’s hard to say why the city isn’t more popular, especially seeing as it has one of the finest beaches in Mozambique.  Getting to the sand is something of an adventure as you’ll walk through tall dunes and thick vegetation before emerging to spectacular views of the gorgeous blue ocean.  Off shore fishing is a poplar activity at the beach, but you might just want to relax and soak up the sun for the day.  Quad bikes can be hired for an afternoon of speeding along the sand or through the dunes.

Uembje Lagoon

North of the capital Maputo, and close to the town of Bilene, lies this beautiful lagoon.  Separated from the ocean by a sandy spit, the waters are extremely calm here and are perfect for a quick swim.  The real draw of the lagoon though is watersports; expect to see other backpackers out on jet skis, motorboats, windsurfing boards and pedalos.  Water-skiing and kayaking opportunities are available too; in fact you will find pretty much any water sport you can name at Uembje.  The beach is the perfect place to relax your tired muscles after a day pedalling or sailing round the lagoon, boasting Mozambique’s typical white sand, blue waters and fantastic views.

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