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Time To Go Chasing Kaieteur Falls

By Natalie Horsley

Posted: 26th February 2015 15:21

Surrounded by the magical Guyana rainforest lies 30,000 gallons of glistening water showering over a 250m cliff.  Untouched and stunning in its natural beauty, Kaieteur Falls is one of the highest waterfalls in the world and truly is a once in a lifetime experience. For those feeling extra daring, you can grab a closer look by standing directly on top of the falls or perching on one of the protruding rocks. Look down into the steamy mist created by the powerful force of the water – but be careful not to fall in!  Few people know of the spectacular views produced by this waterfall and due to this, tourists can enjoy the sights intimately without busy crowds.

With this majestic waterfall comes the fascinating history and facts. The Guyana shield which is the cliff that creates the momentous drop is up to 2.9 billion years old and is rumoured to be the oldest rock layer on the earth’s surface!  Spilling into the rocky Potaro River, Kaieteur Falls is an important part of native Amerindian history. According to legend, the great chief Kai died whilst canoeing over the falls to protect his people from enemy tribes. Despite this, another legend tells of the falls being used as a form of capital punishment as offenders were tied to canoes and pushed off the edge!

On route to the falls, the walk through the magnificent tropical rainforest boasts an exotic array of wildlife. From jaw dropping golden frogs and black spider monkeys to fearsome jaguars, be introduced to a world of over a thousand different species all in one place. When travelling through the surroundings of the falls, it is advised to take a guide with you as some of the insects bite and can be extremely poisonous!

Kaieteur Falls is full of many unexpected surprises. From an aerial view, you could be lucky enough to witness the colourful rainbow that circles the hazy mist as the falls come crashing down. The scenic view against the backdrop of the tropical rainforest can be seen for miles and a closer look results in nothing but awe and inspiration. The ultimate discovery, ‘don’t go chasing waterfalls’, truly is a thing of the past. 

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