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A Kusadasi Odyssey

By Sean Mahon

Posted: 10th March 2015 12:03

Packed with immaculate beaches the waters that border these vast stretches of golden sand offer some excellent sailing opportunities that range from immense views of the land to the surrounding azure blue waters. See all this and more aboard the Amores.1, a gullet that is a traditional Turkish wooden sailing boat.

The Amores.1 is a classic model with two masts, on the front deck there are four white leather matrasses where you can comfortably lay down and relax as you smoothly sail across the water. While on the back there is a half circle white leather seat where you can sit in the shade and simply enjoy the beautiful scenery and sip a cool drink – this is the only way to see one of Turkey’s best coastlines. 

The trip takes in five blue lagoons, where you can swim, fish or snorkel and discover a whole underwater world. Fishing lines and snorkel equipment are on board and free to use.  As the afternoon draws in, an open buffet is served and later on the day some fresh fruit is served. Everything is taken care of aboard the Amores.1; all you have to do is enjoy the day!

A maximum of 20 people are on-board for each trip, so everybody has enough space and the atmosphere is warm and friendly. If you’d prefer, it is also possible to privately rent the boat for a day. Then you can decide what time you want to depart and whether you’d rather have fish or meat for lunch. It is also perfect for those couples who want to have that romantic day out!

Day on the Amores.1

·         9.00am -  Pick up from your hotel/accommodation

·         9.30am - Start sailing

·         Coffee, tea and cakes

·         Visit five blue lagoons during the day

·         Snorkelling on board, free to use

·         Cliff diving

·         Visit the cave

·         12.00 - Open buffet/lunch

·         Drinks available: coffee, tea.  Soft drinks: Cola, Fanta, Sprite, water.

·         Beer

·         Wine

·         16.30 - Back in the harbour and transfer back to your hotel.

Modestly priced at €40 per person, this is a day trip not to be missed. Jump aboard the Amores.1 for luxuries abound and a plethora of aesthetic highlights that will simply take your breath away.

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