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The City Where Knowledge Knows No Bounds: Boston

By Ryan Merrifield

Posted: 30th January 2015 10:28

The capital and the largest city in Massachusetts, Boston is the land of indisputable intelligence.  Filled with numerous academic and cultural institutions, you will no doubt feel that inch smarter after visiting this thriving destination.  From science to natural history, this is the city that never fails to deliver.  Boston projects all three tenses, introducing you to the perfect blend of exciting history, modern contemporary designs and forward thinking futuristic exhibitions.  Here is your guide to this intellectual city.

Harvard Museum of Natural History

Have you always dreamt of walking through the steel gates of Harvard University?  Well here is your chance.  Located on the university grounds, there are over 10,000 specimens waiting to be discovered.  Harvard’s most visited museum, it contains the only mounted Kronosaurus along with skeletons of the most ancient creatures in jaw dropping form.  This thrilling adventure does not end here as you enter the fish galleries.  It features the most iconic species including the menacing shark models from hammerhead to mako.

With sections that include an Africa gallery, Birds of the World and the Great Mammal Hall, you can have your own ‘Night at The Museum’ experience!

Black Heritage Trail

History comes in no better form than this inspirational walking tour.  Focusing on the African American slaves’ fight for freedom, it is like no other.  Led by knowledgeable guides, this tour truly is an educational revelation of the struggles that were faced in the 18th to 19th Century.  With over 400 slaves in Boston and figures continuing to grow, the American Revolution proved vital to the city of Boston and the African American people.  By the end of the conflict, Boston became the only state in the Union to have no slaves on record.  On this unique tour take those uplifting steps through the historical safe houses and up to the famous African Meeting House.

 Institute of Contemporary Art 

This unique and architecturally fascinating building brings art to life in the most spectacular fashion.  Covered in glass and hitting sharp angles in unexpected directions, designs do not get better than this!  As the sun reflects from the glass against the backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean, the stunning view leaves visitors positively dumbfounded.  Beautiful in its exterior, comes the exciting museum and exhibitions inside.  Featuring the most talented and creative artists in Boston, the institute truly is an art lovers dream.  If photography and film is your forte, the ICA shows previews and exhibits daily which is included in the price of your museum ticket.

Boston Science Museum

A trip to Boston has not been properly executed without visiting the famous Science Museum.  Transporting visitors to the future, it is the chance to get up close and personal with all things technological.  From seeing how lightening occurs to watching chickens hatch, it is an invitation to the excitingly weird and wonderful.  Guests can even enter one of the booths and ask their probing scientific questions to a new age technological computer.  With countless shows and exhibits running throughout the day, this fascinating discovery will have you wanting to buy a white jacket and head to the nearest lab.


With the constant influx of information and knowledge in Boston, you can work up quite an appetite.  Trendy and hip, Estelle’s projects that 80’s American retro vibe and is located in an old video store on Tremont Street.  Bringing the South to the city, be prepared for a delicious mix of smoky and sweet flavours.  To bring fire to your table, order the hot-as-hell chicken wings from the menu teamed with a cooling buttermilk ranch dip.  If the food isn’t quite enough for you, order one of the 100 different beers on offer (30 draft, 70 bottles) and get the party started.  With dishes reasonably priced at mostly under $15, this restaurant is Boston’s hidden secret. 

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