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Vivacious Vietnam

By Haider Ali

Posted: 5th December 2012 11:27

Vietnam is situated in Southeast Asia and neighbours countries such as China, Laos and Cambodia.  From October to April the northern region of Vietnam is hit with a monsoon period.  Outside of this timeframe the north has lukewarm weather, often cloudy with bouts of drizzle.  The south too experiences the monsoon between September and January, but for the rest of the year stays mainly dry and sunny.

Culturally the Vietnamese have lent heavily upon the Chinese.  This is very evident in Ho Chi Minh City (pictured), where large contingents of Chinese are designated and where Cantonese is considered a second language.  But tourists who cannot stand the thought of eating cat meat for lunch can keep their minds at ease thanks to the French! Having once been occupants of the lands themselves, the Vietnamese culture has absorbed a strong French influence too and tourists will be happy to find that baguettes and coffee is popular among locals.

Tourists cannot pass through Vietnam without visiting museums and archaeological sites in Ho Chi Minh City. Americans need not worry; you will be greeted cordially by the locals instead of with a bayonet!  If that doesn’t tickle your fancy perhaps seeing ancient Vietnamese tribes and beautiful scenery in the northern provinces of Hanoi and Dong Dang.  The ancient city of Hue is home to the former kings of Vietnam in the central coast in places like Dong Ha and Lang Co.  Seeing tombs and shrines that are beautifully decorated is something worth considering for you holiday-snappers.

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