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Perth - The Gem of Western Australia

By Haider Ali

Posted: 28th November 2012 12:00

Perth is the capital of Western Australia and a very cosmopolitan city.  Founded by Captain James Stirling in 1829, it did not gain city status until 1856.  Perth generally receives moderate rainfall but winters are relatively cool.  Summers last from December until March and can be scorching but not devoid of rainfall. 

Perth is renowned for the hosts of stars that have heralded from this great city.  The recently deceased Heath Ledger and Sam Worthington (Star of Terminator 4 and Clash of the Titans) are just some of the great personalities that have impacted on Hollywood.  British television viewers will also be surprised to know Perth is the home of Rolf Harris.  The Western Academy of Performing Arts of Edith Cowan University has launched the career of Hugh Jackman, so students looking for a career in acting may be swayed by the great education standards here. 

On your travels you may be persuaded to visit the local sports team as Perth is decorated with an array of them.  Perth is sports mad and you can watch football, cricket, rugby, Australia rules football among many others.  The most famous teams are Perth Glory and the Western Warriors, both of football and cricket respectively.  North American travellers need not be disheartened as Perth even has an ice Hockey and a basketball team!

With a heavy influx of English, Scottish and Irish immigrants in the 19th century, potatoes make up a heavy staple in this regions diet.  But this has slowly started to change thanks to the influence of Italians, Greeks and Chinese who have now fused Perth’s local pallet with the likes of pasta, kebabs and fried rice over the past century.

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