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Experience Botswana From The Water

Posted: 1st December 2014 15:33

In a country that is 70% occupied by the exquisite Kalahari Desert, land and delta meet to create an exceedingly picturesque preserve of floodplains, waterfalls, lagoons and channels.  Botswana is renowned for its authentic safari experience, fascinating game drives and incredible wildlife, and, its view from water is no different.

Participate in a refreshing way to experience an African Safari and enjoy the tranquillity of being on the water.  Stimulating bird-watching, exotic fishing all encompasses the huge wildlife in and out of national parks are just a few reasons why visitors find this country irresistible.

The serene Okavango River is the fourth longest river system in Southern Africa and creates unique ecosystems which make up exceptional National Parks such as Chobe and the Okavango Delta.  The charming Okavango Delta is the largest wetland delta in the world and creates Africa’s biggest oasis.   The extraordinary river derives from the mountains in Angola and travels 1,000 miles before spilling onto the Kalahari Desert and forming a labyrinth of waterways and palm-fringed islands.   One third of the delta lies within the renowned Moremi Game Reserve, leaving the rest sub-divided into a mosaic of wildlife concessions, each with its own five-star camps and lodges offering exclusive safari time.

Explore these incredible natural treasures in a number of adventurous ways.  Board a traditional Mokoro, the primary unit of transport in beautiful Botswana.  These canoe-like boats can be paddled across the deep lakes and rivers as well as the scenic papyrus and reed filled channels and waterways of the Okavango Delta.  During the excursion, view the parades of elephant, buffalo and crocodiles sharing the water’s edge.  This exciting, modern-day adventure is an extremely popular, memorable experience, with immeasurable photographic opportunities.

Enhance this incredible experience further by staying at one of the Country’s finest accommodations.  Explore the deluxe Stanley Safari Lodge which views out to Zambia’s mesmerising Victoria Falls in the distance or the Zambezi Queen Luxury Houseboat which offers a unique and elegant way of seeing and experiencing the wildlife, scenery and atmosphere of the Chobe River and Chobe National Park.  The Nguni Voyager also tops the list.  This intimate houseboat is the perfect way to endure a river-based safari.  With a maximum of 10 guests authorised to travel aboard, this accommodation will be perfect for a calm and serene yet exciting and thrilling journey.

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