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A Caribbean Overview

Posted: 25th April 2016 08:35

Simply put, the Caribbean is one big paradise destination.  Most travellers will know this place as being the world’s most popular place for a beach holiday with sun, sea and surf aplenty but there’s more to the Caribbean than first meets the eye.  It is the home of reggae music, mouth-watering cuisine, vibrant culture and not forgetting rum – the list can go on. 

Life’s a beach...

Pink skyline, glorious sunset, turquoise waters, golden sand, coconut palms… you must get the idea now.  The Caribbean boasts some of the world’s magnificent beaches so we won’t be surprised if you find yourself spending the majority of your time on any one of these natural wonders.  The greatest thing about the Caribbean is its broad selection of colourful beaches offering pink sand, white sand and black sand.  And if one thing’s for sure, it is that sunscreen is a necessity and with a variety of this many beaches you’re going to need a hell of a lot. 

Many wonderful stretches of coast lie adjacent to the Caribbean’s beach resorts and there’s no coincidence that each is close to a coral reef — the main source of the dazzling white which clearly illustrates why the Caribbean is the world’s greatest beach destination.  Luminous colours of turquoise, blue and jade make up the stunning water displays that are reflected thanks to the blazing sun overlooking the islands.  Some beaches aren’t that easy to get but that spurs you even more to discover your own exclusive beach sanctuary – there are lots still anticipating their discovery.  So rather than admiring the beautiful pictures of this spectacular region, get packing, get going and soon you’ll be appreciating them in the flesh laying back on a deckchair with a refreshing cocktail.   

Islands galore...

The Caribbean stretches over an impressive 7000 islands each with its own charm and character.  The Caribbean is as remarkable and as colourful as its island beaches and forests – there is nothing bland when it comes to the beauty of the Caribbean, whether it be a relaxing retreat or an adventure holiday, you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for here.  And with our insight to the Caribbean you’ll find out everything you need to know before jetting off to the fantasy island of your choice. 

The towering Blue Mountain (pictured) is the cherry on top of the cake when it comes to the island of Jamaica which yearns to be explored along with the region’s strong musical influence –the world-famous reggae legend that is Bob Marley still lives on in this magical place accompanied with the effervescence of the welcoming locals and culture.  Jamaica is famed for being the birthplace of notable figures like the aforementioned Bob Marley but also world-record holder and Olympian Usain Bolt, Reggae, dancing and signature cuisine such as jerk chicken, saltfish and ackee. 

Over 200 pristine white sand islands and 700 cays make up the Bahamas, which is as exotic as its name suggests.  The climate is mild all year-round, the beaches are exceptional and there's always plenty of things to keep you entertained - one day you can be snorkelling, the next you could be feeding sharks.  The world is your oyster in the wonders of the Caribbean and these are simply a few of the distinct beauties that make up the Caribbean so carry on reading to find out why your next trip should be the vivid and appealing continent of the Caribbean.   

Where to start...

With an archipelago of over thirty countries you won’t know where to begin when venturing to the Caribbean.  Now of course you’d think the best place to start is the beach, straight to the laid-back relaxing haven of the sand, sea and sun but we recommend you start your travels by exploring major attractions and the area and culture in general first.  That way you get all the sight-seeing out of the way and have time to see and do the things you’d like before reflecting on your experience within the last few days of your vacation whilst basking in the warm sunshine and catching some rays on the beach.  Several James Bond films were filmed in the Caribbean like Live and Let Die and Casino Royale so you’re not far from the action and adventure that this place has to offer.

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