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The Best Bars & Night Clubs in Africa

Posted: 15th April 2016 08:25

Africa may be better known for its safaris and deserts than it is for nightlife but the continent hides away a whole heap of party gems.  From plush clubs to traditional bars, clubbing in Africa is a pleasantly surprising eye-opener.  If you’re a lavish spender or if you love moshing along to live music, these top 5 clubs and bars appeal to all variations of party animals.  Forget Ibiza, head to the buzzing continent for an unforgettable night out.  

Club 31, Cape Town

Look up luxury in the dictionary and that's where you'll find Club 31.  Glamorous and sophisticated, it is the place to enjoy a cocktail, have a dance and experience a skyscraper party like no other.  Resting on the 31st floor of the ABSA building in Cape Town, its dazzling décor of chandeliers, an oval shaped marble bar and a glass walled VIP area makes you feel like a celebrity, not to mention the breath taking views of the city below your feet. 

With cocktails appropriately named '31st Floor', 'Skyscraper' and the club's famous poison 'The Lady Hemisphere', mixed with Malibu, pineapple juice and imported Midori; it'll be difficult not to leave with a fuzzy head.  The music on offer ranges from mainstream RnB to house to the retro 70s.  For a younger vibe the club is at its most liveliest on a Saturday night but dress smart, the door men in black suits won't let you in if you're not as dressed up as they are. 

Sun-set Palace, Togo

Sun-set Palace has a reputation as the only place in the country to enjoy the best live music.  Less than a mile outside of the capital city of Lomé, slap bang in the middle of the boulevard circulaire, you will at first hear Sun-set Palace before you see it. 

Trained musicians flock to the bar to play music most nights of the week to a packed audience whilst traditional African food is served and cheap beer is on tap.  When the bands and singers take a break mainstream live CD's are played through the speakers.  However don't be surprised if the chosen music is blues and jazz as the owner was once a jazz singer and spent 10 years in New Jersey singing the blues. 

Aphrodisiac, Ghana

All night parties and current dance tunes keeps Aphrodisiac the most talked about club in the whole of Ghana.  If that’s not enough to please your inner part animal, it’s worth stopping by if you fancy seeing Stevie Wonder, Akon and Jay-Z performing.  These famous guests have all taken to the Aphrodisiac dance floor in the past.

That’s not all, owner and business woman, Confidence Haugen has previously held ‘Big Brother Africa’ (BBA) parties at the club after starring in the reality TV show herself.  She’s known to make an appearance on the odd occasion so it’s worth checking out Aphrodisiac even if it’s just to see Haugen who notably exposed her breasts in a shower clip on BBA.

Open since 2004, the clubs most popular night is without a doubt ‘DJ Flava’s’ Friday night.  Along with special guest DJ’s, ‘Flava’ keeps playing hits until 6am in the huge dance rooms filled with podiums, poles, lights and laser shows and bars offer a range of cocktails and shots all at reasonable prices.

Afrika Shrine, Nigeria

The Shrine may not look like much from the outside but don’t be fooled by appearances.  It is home to legendary musicians and remains the best place to connect with the finest in Nigerian music.

Grammy-award winner musician Femi Kuti re-opened the night club in 2000 after the original was closed down following his legendary father’s death.  Fela Kuti was the pioneer of Afrobeat music and was just as famous for his wild, wacky concerts as he was for his 12 wives.

The music never stops in the Shrine.  Musicians play most days of the week to a packed crowd and festivals held in honour of Fela light up the stage in vivid colours, traditional dancers and African beats.  When live music is off the menu for the night, the club entertains with street dancing competitions, Red Bull events and soccer tournaments. 

The Shrine maintains a relaxed bohemian atmosphere so there is no dress code, just turn up!  For a truly spectacular night, stop by the Shrine on a Friday or Sunday, when Femi plays a renowned set, singing his father’s classic Afrobeat tunes all night.  Not to be missed.

Coconuts, Mozambique

For a chic tropical night out you won’t forget, head to Coconuts in Mozambique’s trendy capital, Maputo.  Open Fridays and Saturdays, the club can easily hold over 1,000 party goers, revealing a mix of rich socialites and the up-and-coming famous.

Found on the beach, the club’s party gems consist of three huge dance floors with DJs that play pulsating music all night.  The phrase ‘dance the night away’ really rings true at Coconuts.  Once you get too hot from dancing take a dip in the club’s outdoor pool to cool off or jump on the dance floor pontoon and bop across the water in the moonlight.  Drinks flow free all night, indoors and out at the built in bars in the pool.

‘Coconuts’ has been dubbed as one of the best nightclubs in the capital and it’s easy to see why; it’s got just the right ingredients for the perfect party.  Just don’t forget your swimsuit. 

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