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The Sound of Salzburg

By Laura Blake

Posted: 13th March 2014 12:24

Apparently, most English-speaking kids in the world grow up knowing the lyrics to this iconic film.  So if you know what comes after “Do, a deer, a female deer*” then chances are your trip to Salzburg might just turn into a bit of a Julie Andrews- inspired pilgrimage. 

Despite being released in 1965, the popularity of The Sound of Music shows no sign of slowing down, and uber-fans can visit a number of locations around Salzburg where the hit musical was filmed.  Hundreds (and we mean hundreds) of tours are on offer to shepherd you around the city, so what are you waiting for? Ditch the convent, put on your best curtain dress and head for the hills. 

The resplendent Leopoldskron Palace, located just outside of Old Town, served as the Von Trapp mansion.  Despite being a staple of any Sound of Music tour, unfortunately the palace can only be viewed from across the lake, so no sneaking inside to swirl around the gilded ballroom.  The Mirabell Gardens howeverare open to the public, so feel free to skip about singing ‘Do-Re-Mi’ to your heart’s content.  For anyone who couldn’t wait to turn 17, the famed pavilion, located in the grounds of Hellbrunn Palace, is a must.  It was here Leisl and Rolf declared their love for each other (Before Rolf declared his love for the Nazi party) and we just know you’re going to recreate that famous dance scene.

*Ray, a drop of golden sun…

Image © Tourismus Salzburg

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