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Legoland Billund

By Laura Blake

Posted: 11th March 2014 14:33

You can build castles, skyscrapers, cathedrals, entire cities…or at least, that is what it always said on the box.  Now we don’t know about you, but our Lego creations often amounted to nothing more than a wonky “house” (A red brick symbolised the oven.  A blue brick represented the garden pond) but that wasn’t enough to deter us from devoting a good portion of our childhoods to those little building bricks and dreaming of a better place.  Lego has a special place in all our hearts, so what better way to celebrate your love for Lego than by venturing to its revered birthplace?

Opened in 1968, the seminal Legoland park is located in the small town of Billund, which also happens to be the location of the very first Lego factory (unfortunately, Billund is not made out of Lego.) The town is found just 260km west of Copenhagen; handily, the city’s airport was built by the Lego Company in the 1960s (no, it’s not made out of Lego either) and public transport to the park is extremely frequent.  So what are you waiting for? Release your inner child and build some awesome experiences. 

The undeniable highlight of Legoland is ‘Miniland’; over 20 million pieces were used to create a miniature city in exquisite detail, complete with replicas of the world’s most famous icons.  It took around 1.5 million individual bricks to forge Mount Rushmore alone – how do they make it look so easy? (Comparatively the smallest figure, a dove, is made up of just four bricks.  That is much more on our level.) Check out the miniature Buckingham Palace, the scaled-down New York Skyline and the undersized Sydney Opera House, and traverse the globe in one afternoon.  Split into different lands, you can also visit the Wild West, travel back in time to the realm of knights and try your hand as a pirate, before enjoying a number of high-octave rides, such as the Viking’s River Splash, the Temple Treasure Hunt and the Polar X-plorer, the fastest coaster in the park.  An afternoon here, and you’ll be vowing to get all your old Lego out of the attic the minute you get home.  

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