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Ottawa - A Trip to Canada's Capital

By Rachel Nash

Posted: 14th November 2012 15:08

For rich history and beautiful architecture there is no other city to head to but Ottawa.  The National Gallery of Canada and the Canadian War Museum hold up in the city so dive head first into Canada’s history in Ottawa. 

The National Gallery of Canada

Housed in a glass building, the National Gallery holds a variety of paintings, sculptures, photographs and drawings.  From Francis Bacon pieces to Rembrandt and Picasso drawings, you’ll see everything at the Gallery do don’t forget your camera! The gallery is constantly holding exhibitions so whatever day you turn up, you’re bound to see something new.  If you ever get lost trying to find the galley, hunt out Louise Boureois’s ‘Maman’-a sculpture of a giant spider that sits at the front entrance waiting for your arrival. 

Canadian War Museum 

We understand the history of war isn’t always interesting to you lot, but with Remembrance Day around the corner, the Canadian War Museum is holding special tribute exhibitions that are not to be missed.  With restaurants, tours, libraries and theatres, the museum has to be one the biggest (and best).  It features information and items from all the wars, Canadian soldiers have fought in and with a tour costing only $3 it’s cheap to, with all proceeds made within the museum going towards numerous war charities. 

The Rideau Canal

The canal connects the city of Ottawa to the city of Ontario; it’s a remarkable stretch of water.  In winter, a section of the canal becomes the world’s largest staking rink, so the only thing we can suggest is grab some skates and hop on! It has the equivalent surface area of 90 Olympic ice hockey rinks and is a big tourist attraction in the winter.  Rideau Canal is so popular; it has a festival named after it.  Taking place in August, it focuses on the heritage of the canal and celebrates with tours of Rideau, music and bike tours. 

Our condensed version of the city shows the best of the best but to really discover this beautiful city you need to be there. It hides tons of hidden treasures for the avid Canadian fan. 

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