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Marvellous Mexico

By Haider Ali

Posted: 26th November 2012 11:23

Mexico is a North American state laying between the United States of America and Guatemala to the south-east.  Mexico has popular food, archaeology and pyramids, lovely warm weather and six thousand miles of shoreline.  According to popular polls carried out by the United Nations, Mexico is ranked seventh on the current list of popular destinations for tourists to visit.

Cancun and Acapulco Beach Resorts

Mexico appeals to people of all types.  Students looking to party, families and honeymooners who love coming to Mexico because of its grandiose beach resorts.  Americans will occupy the Baja Peninsula that is home to modern resorts such as Cancun and Puerto Vallarta.  They have become synonymous with “Spring break” where college students flock in their droves in lush sunshine getting their trunks out, drinking and partying wildly unburdening the stress of an enduring semester.

Smaller resort areas in towards the southern parts of Mexico are slightly more eloquent in taste and far more family orientated.  The Playa del Carmen is a prime example of this and you will often find resorts offering fishing trips, deep sea dives into the Pacific and amenities of this nature.  Acapulco is a watered down version of Cancun for a more mature crowd who will look to enjoy the night life but without endless debauchery and craziness that surrounds students in Cancun.

Mexico City

For history buffs, the capital offers you museums, Aztec ruins and colonial architecture.  They form a triumvirate of richness for tourists to explore particularly for youngsters who love to hear about epic wars and a warrior culture, which the Aztec race came to personify. 

Mexico is awash with Spanish influence in the forms of palaces that belonged to former Dons in the 16th and 17th century when Mexico was a former colony of Spain’s.  The “Chichen Itza” is perhaps the most infamous of the archaeological sites worth paying a visit to.  Known as the “Majestic Mayan City,” it was a declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1988 and voted one of the Seven Wonders of the World. 

There are plenty of parks for families to spend the day out and enjoy picnics as the weather in generally sound all year round.  A day out in highland state of Michoacán could lure kids feeling homesick out of their hotels to witness the fascinating site of Monarch Butterfly Breeding.  Millions of butterflies come to the area between November and March to create one of nature’s great spectacles.

Copper Canyon

Looking for a mini-adventure?  Why not travel to Copper Canyon and experience a part of Mexico in complete starkness to the beaches and archaeological sites that Mexico has to offer.  You can start off with a ride on the rail, which will take you over eight thousand feet where you will overlook the Chihuahua Desert of Mexico.  If you’re still in a daring mood there’s always hiking up the mountainous rough terrain, horseback riding and meeting the original habitants of the land the Tarahumara Indians known for their spiritual enlightenment. 


Suppose you want a bit of everything.  Some warm weather, beautiful scenery, a moderate nightlife then Guadalajara is the place for tourists to travel to.  During the springtime the traditional city comes to life with mariachi music being played in between shots of tequila and the locals socialising, so why not be apart of the fun?


Mexico will have you pining to stay! The beach resorts will have student’s wilding out, Mexico City offers serenity to families looking to relax and Copper Canyon allows you to really let your hair down and enjoy an exciting adventure.  But if you want a bit of everything pack your suitcases and head of to Guadalajara for some mariachi music and tequila shots.

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