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Chilean Patagonia: Welcome to The Real Life Narnia

By Natalie Horsley

Posted: 5th December 2014 15:25

Discovered just over 500 years ago, it is time to take a trip to what has been described as the end of the world.  Where the winters are long and the summers are short, the magic in this place truly is something to behold.  A real life Narnia, this is the place where the trees grow horizontally and the wind known as Escoba de Dios (God’s Broom) blows freely throughout the day.  This exotic and remote location will put you at the top of magnificent cliffs, mesmerised by the untouched beauty of the Balmaceda and Serrano glaciers and running with the vast penguin colonies.  Where a lion, a witch and a wardrobe is not necessary but maybe a fur coat, enter the spectacular Chilean Patagonia.

With so much to see in the vast wilderness, it’s easy to lose yourself in the area.  From fly-fishing, cycling to mountain climbing, the world truly is in the palm of your hand.  The majestic nature of the Patagonia means that the stunning views are endless but if there is only one place that makes the bucket list, make sure it’s the Parque Nacional Torres del Paine.

Deep in South America’s most spectacular national park are mountainous pillars reaching unbelievable heights of 2000m.  The main feature of the exquisite landscape, prepare to be positively spellbound by the incredible natural beauty.  Discover the mystical forests, the creaking bridges and the crystal blue lakes as you explore Unesco's Biosphere Reserve system.  In addition to this, the park is full of rare wildlife containing up to 400 different species.  Though no sights of Mr. Tumnus or talking beavers have been recorded, the park is home to the unusual ñandú, fierce mountain lions and enormous condors.

The unpredictable weather means that you can be hit by four seasons in one day.  The harsh winds cause chilly temperatures and the never ending winter means that the White Witch has been acting in full force!  All things Narnia aside, November to March is the most ideal time to plan your trip, though there may be large crowds, the attractions will be lively and create a special and most importantly unbelievable experience. 

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