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Jamaica's Best Beaches

Posted: 21st November 2014 15:37

Boston Bay Beach, Port Antonio

With the cool breeze blowing the mouth-watering smells of fresh Jamaican delicacies through your nostrils, this beach is like no other.  Known to hold the best jerk seasoned food stands on the island, your taste buds will be set alight with fiery flavours.  Located in the Portland Parish, the beach is lined with the various colourful stands meaning that you will not be short of choice.  With the food cooking in the background, come the drinks continuously flowing.  Offering the finest rums at small prices, kick back and relax with a plate of jerk chicken and a cold drink packing a punch at your side.

Fonthill Beach Park

Spectacular waterfalls, golden beaches and riding horseback through the glistening turquoise waters; Fonthill Beach Park has it all!  Filled with hidden beaches and multiple snorkelling sections there truly is endless fun to be had.  Situated in St. Elizabeth, it is also home to the Fonthill Wildlife Sanctuary which contains the most endangered and therefore protected species in Jamaica.  Unique and spectacular in the up and close experience with the animals, the park has everything from American Crocodiles to magnificent colourful birds flying over head.  An unforgettable experience, this beautiful location offers the finest of Jamaica.

Long Bay Beach

Visited by some of the best pro surfers worldwide, this beach truly is a surf enthusiast’s haven.  An ideal location for some fun on the boards, the beach is renowned for its consistently thrashing 8ft waves.  The local chill out by a fishing village on the Northeast Coast, the beach attracts a wide variety of tourists from backpackers to bohemians.  Sitting on the shores is delicately soft rose coloured sand ready to melt your feet into.  With canoes and fishing nests lined up against the beach, the locals even offer to take guests out for a spot of fishing.  Try your hand at catching a 20kg Mangrove snapper!

Seven Mile Beach, Negril

One of the best beaches known to Jamaica, it is seven miles of sun, sea and unrestricted paradise.  The longest beach in the island with exclusive sections for catching the glorious rays, you will never miss out on that stunning tan that will be the envy of all of your friends at home.  Towards the end of the stretch, you can relax to the reggae vibe, with local music artists creating those special beats on the famous bongo drums.  A luxurious introduction into the tropical lifestyle, a visit to Jamaica cannot be done without experiencing Seven Mile Beach.

Treasure Beach

Intimate and private, this beach truly is a place to delve into the culture of Jamaica.  Located on a fishing village on Jamaica’s South Coast, it is separated away from the busy tourist resorts and shopping districts.  Containing four beaches that are perfect for all water activities and relaxation in the sun, it is full of adventure with hidden caves and coves.  A beach like no other, it oozes that Jamaican charm.  Discover the true essence of Jamaica as you have a drink with the locals who work hard to run and sustain the area.

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