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Why Visit Livingstone?

Posted: 9th March 2017 09:00

Livingstone is one of Zambia’s backpacker hotspots, undoubtedly thanks to its close proximity to the dramatic Victoria Falls.  As the largest waterfall in the world, twice the height of Niagara Falls, that should be reason enough to visit Livingstone, but in case you need another reason to visit, here is our list of other things to see and do in Livingstone.

Backpacker Vibes

With so many travellers congregating in Livingstone it has a great backpacker scene that Africa often lacks.  Social life tends to revolve around the many budget hostels, great restaurants and fun bars, and while you might not want to spend all of your time with other travellers having the option is definitely a plus, especially if you have been in the wilderness for a while.

Adventure Sports

I’m sure there is someone stupid enough to try and ride a barrel down Victoria Falls (don’t.  Just don’t) but if you want a less stupid way to scare yourself silly Livingstone is the place to be.  The Zambezi River offers many white water rafting opportunities, there are bungee jumping adventures from the Victoria Falls Bridge and you can even try hang gliding. 


Livingstone isn’t cheap, but there are plenty of companies that offer backpacker friendly safaris which hopefully won’t leave you bankrupt.  You can see big game like the lion, rhino elephant and giraffe in Zambia, and get your bucket list ticking done early, so you can really enjoy the rest of your trip.  If you are short on money, you might want to hold off on safaris until somewhere cheaper.

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