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Travelling On A Budget

Posted: 14th March 2017 08:32

Travelling the world is an amazing and life-changing experience.  There’s one thing that unites all student travellers no matter where they’re from – budgeting.  If you don’t stick to a budget, you could easily over-spend and end up in with a mountain of debt when you arrive home, which will really bring on the holiday blues.  So here’s our pick of the crop tips on saving you money to help you get the best out of your student budget. 

How To Book

Thoroughly research prices for the destination you’d like to visit both using the internet and travel agents.  Travel agents can help you find the ideal location and will give you ‘face-to-face’ interaction, which is great for first time travellers.  By going online and visiting travel agents you can find out if it’s cheaper to book the hotel and flights as a package deal or separately, not to mention you’ll find the best way to get the most out of your travel money. 

Booking in advance can save you lots of money, just as much as a late booking can.  The advantage of booking in advance is that flights and hotels are not too expensive because prices go up with more demand.  But with a late booking you can benefit from cheaper deals as companies will want to fill flights and seats.

Pay a visit to the travel section of your local supermarket as their travel advisers may be able to match your deal or help you find a better one. 


Whilst full board accommodation sounds expensive it can often save you lots of money on food and drinks.  Meal prices easily add up especially in popular tourist destinations.  Paying the average price of eight Euros per meal can cost you nearly €30 just for three.  Some places in Ibiza charge an extortionate €10 just for a bottle of water.  Having said that it’s definitely worth researching the prices of accommodation for self catering, half board and room only because you may find these more cost-effective. 

If you decide to go for room only, self or half catering then see if you can take some food to enjoy on your days out from the hotel’s continental buffet.  When you have internet access, research the restaurants that give you the best value for money, or you could ask at the hotel and tourist information centres.  Rather than picking up lots of small bottles of drink, buy big bottles that you can store in your room which will last longer when you’re out-and-about.  You can even pick up some cheap groceries and cook up what you desire.  If you think you can’t cook then now’s a brilliant time to learn.  This could save you a great amount on food, drink and accommodation costs. 

Setting Out & Travel Costs

There’s no doubt that travelling to destinations alone take a chunk out of your budget.  Find out where your hotel is located and what the least expensive way to get there from the airport is.  It can be cheaper to use public transport if in the city.  If your hotel isn’t in a popular place for public transport then book a shuttle bus.  Check out the shuttle bus prices with your flight bookings and the airport you will be landing in as prices can differ.   Getting a shuttle bus or public transport is better value for money than taking a taxi.

Don’t cut corners - be assured to get insured!  It might sound like a waste of time and money but it could save you a lot more than you think and can be a huge relief for if and when something goes wrong.  After all, there must be better ways to spend your time than getting yourself out of serious trouble and pain when abroad.

In addition to a student card, a rail card can incredibly reduce your travel expenses; take for example if you’re travelling in an area like the United States or Europe.  When travelling in a group find out if you can get group saver deals.  Another important thing you must remember to do is to always hunt around for good deals because it’s not just hotels and flights that have special offers.  Research public transport costs because there’s probably better things you will want to spend your money on than trains and coaches like attractions.  


It’s guaranteed you’re going to see some fantastic sights and experience brilliant things. Weigh up the pros and cons about the best things to do and see because attractions are another way you can easily get swept up in the action and end up spending more than you first imagined.  Think: “Do I really want to spend ten bucks on this?” and “What will I get out of this?”  Free activities can be just as fun as paid attractions.  Visit the local beaches or parks and explore the destination through scenic walks – the opportunities are endless. Your hotel is the best port of call to to point out the best free activities and may offer inclusive deals to visit popular places. 

In popular resorts, especially clubbing destinations, there are often ticket sellers on the strips.  You may think it’s a bargain at first thought but it’s worth looking around. Take the ticket seller’s details, in case you really want to take what they are selling and can’t find a better offer elsewhere.

Combined together, these tips will ensure you have the best time of your life without breaking the bank.

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