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The Art Of Conversation

By Josh Hill

Posted: 13th February 2015 14:25

In an age where online dating has overtaken face-to-face interaction as the norm, some would argue that the art of conversation is dead. We on the other hand believe that it is thriving as a result.  Getting that girl with the nice smile on her profile pic to reply amidst a crowd of ‘hi’ and ‘how you doing?’ messages is akin to approaching the girl of your dreams at a bar after she has already rebuffed five other guys. We are not claiming to have unearthed a fool proof plan for success but, whether you are talking online or face-to-face, it can never hurt to try new tactics to stand out from the crowd.

Let’s Talk About You

Sometimes a girl craves attention and wants nothing more than to feel special. Tell her you are fascinated and want to find out more about her. You will come across as a good listener who is genuinely interested in them as a person. Also by diverting the conversation away from yourself you will maintain an air of mystique.

Quote Your Favourite Film or TV Show

Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine. This is a pot-luck approach but if they get the reference and happen to like the film or TV show you are quoting then you have struck up a common interest and grabbed their attention from the off. 

Ask a Question

A well written dating profile will give you enough ammo to strike up a conversation. If they are interested in books, ask them what they’re currently reading. Music; what gigs are they going to. Travel; ask them about their favourite travel experience. 


Knowing what someone likes is more difficult in person so look for any clues or signs. They might still be wearing a wristband from the last festival they went to. A band t-shirt could indicate the music they like. If you are on the train or the bus and see someone reading a book, ask them if they would recommend it – even if you have already read it.

Chat up Lines
Avoid using lines you have heard hundreds of times yourself. Likewise avoid using lines that infer sex as this will make you seem like a creep and don’t use lines that suggest you’re irresistible as you will sound arrogant. Stick to these rules and using chat up lines will show you have a good sense of humour and don’t take yourself too seriously.

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