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Avoid Paying For Non-Refundable Hotel Rooms - The Smart Way!

Posted: 2nd September 2015 10:18

More than 221 000 hotels rooms are cancelled each year in the United States alone. These rooms which are paid for result in $8.6 billion wasted on non refundable hotel rooms, as a result of hotel room cancellations. However, with the introduction of the online travel marketplace, Roomer, people now have a way of getting their money back, the smart way. 

How Does Roomer Work?

Roomer allows you to sell your hotel room to prospective buyers, and recover some of the cancellation fees that you would have forfeited entirely by not selling your hotel room reservation.

Roomer is fashioned at the same principale as which allows people to sell their concert, event and sports tickets if they are unable to attend. This creates an opportunity for people to get their money or at least a part of their money back, even though they are not attending the event. The purpose of this site is to allow what they call “hotel room recycling” rather than income loss and a waste of unused rooms.

Hotel cancellations affect many key areas of the value chain. Not only does the customer lose out on cancellation fees, and the travel agent lose out on commission, but the hotel loses out on a potential 30% of revenue generated from the consumer purchasing food, beverages and other services like spa treatment and Wifi.

Roomer is a safe and secure site for both buyer and seller. For the buyer, you have the benefit of having each and every reservation validated before making your decision and for the seller, you have the peace of mind knowing that the payment goes through Roomer who transfers the funds through to you, via their secure payment platform.

The process is made simple by Roomer. If you have a hotel reservation that holds a cancellation fee of $200 and you list your reservation for $100, you still make back half of your money, as opposed to losing the entire $200. Another way of looking at this is, if you are searching a for a reservation in a specific location, you could come across someone selling their reservation at a 50% discount. So you get a ticket at half the price that you would have paid from the hotel itself and the seller, recovers some of his money.

Another bonus of using this site is that you don't have to worry yourself about the finer details once the sale has gone through. Roomer has a dedicated reservations transfer department that basically transfers the room from the sellers name to the buyers.

Roomer has already helped thousands of people, save thousands of dollars and will continue to do so. This revolutionary process will change the way the travel industry is approached and viewed.

Hotel rooms and reservations can now be enjoyed at a significantly lower price and at no loss to the hotel and mostly no loss to the seller. It is a win - win situation for everyone involved.

The hotel still keeps their money, the seller makes back most of their money - as they decide how much to let their reservations go for and the buyer gets a fantastic deal and saves money.

If you book a hotel room and find out that you cannot stay there for whatever reason, you simply list your reservation, including a few details and Roomer takes care of the rest of the process.

Once the deal is in progress, Roomer does their validation of the hotel reservation by contacting the hotel. Once the transaction has gone through, they contact the hotel to change the details over , from the sellers name to the buyers. This entire process is made as convenient as possible for both buyer and seller.

Roomer was founded in Israel and now being headquartered in New York and services all parts of the world. This results in various hotel partnerships, where hotels can sell excess inventory to the average consumer. 

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