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Your Complete Kolkata City Guide

Posted: 7th September 2015 08:26

Kolkata is a shopping paradise.  The modern new malls that are springing up sit side by side with traditional markets, and the city caters for every shopper.  The Gariahat Market, created to imitate a traditional Indian bazaar, offers an eclectic mix of goods and foods while the Flower Market sells flowers from all over India and almost overloads the senses with colour and scent.

The growth of consumerism has not, however, detracted from the old colonial charm of the city.  Its port boasts the title of the oldest in India, established by the British East India Company, which made Kolkata the centre of British India.  It is home to The Indian Museum, the National Library of India and Calcutta University – the first modern Indian university – and is still the country’s cultural capital with a proud tradition of leftist and Marxist politics.

Where to Stay

Although not the cheapest around, Sunflower Guesthousehas a cool backpacker vibe that much of Kolkata’s budget accommodation lacks, and much, much cleaner rooms.  The charming old building offers fantastic views from its rooftop hideout and the upmarket location means that the city’s best restaurants are at your fingertips.

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