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Vintro opens its digital doors to the world

Posted: 15th March 2021 10:34

Vintro today announced the launch of a global platform, that provides access for great ideas to benefit from the power of great connections.

Over 800 world class leaders in fields as diverse as sport, business, music and politics, can be reached through the platform, offering their advice, expertise and experience to a new generation of entrepreneurs.

Noor Sugrue, a student at the University of Chicago and the founder and architect of Vintro, has designed and developed the cloud based 'big data' platform over the last three years. Utilizing AI and digital indexing, Vintro enables entrepreneurs to connect with leaders that match their specific needs, such as mentoring, introductions and investment.

Commenting on the launch of Vintro, Sugrue said, "I believe that anyone with a powerful idea and the drive to execute it has a right to have the chance to put it into the world."

Vintro provides a simple step by step process. Budding entrepreneurs can browse and select the leaders and experts that they wish to connect with; and then upload a 2-minute video to pitch their idea. With the connection made, insights and advice on how to successfully realize the idea is then fed back to the entrepreneurs.

Sugrue explained, "My family and I used to watch "Shark Tank", guessing which entrepreneur would be successful. And it occurred to me that this wasn't just TV, it was a daily reality for all budding entrepreneurs throughout the world. How do they get noticed, how do they realize their dream? The answer is simply by having access to the right connections – so our mission has been to provide an open platform to make those connections happen."

James Caan CBE, entrepreneur and original member of the UK's "Dragon's Den" TV series said, "In this saturated, digitized market, the single biggest challenge is having the right opportunity to meet people who can transform your life and career. Vintro tackles this conundrum head-on. It is an incredible tool with access to a set of unique individuals who know what it takes to be successful."

Vintro aims to level the playing field for entrepreneurs who have limited access to experts and leaders. Raja Rajamannar, CMO of Mastercard, commented, "Small businesses are the backbone of our global economy but so often these entrepreneurs are our friends and neighbors simply chasing a passion, investing an extraordinary amount of time and money to make their dreams come true. It's wonderful to see Vintro using today's technology to make their journey easier and more fulfilling."

"Every entrepreneur wants to access to the most constructive advice, to experienced voices and to funding for ideas whether for profit or not for profit. The right feedback can make the difference between success and failure. Vintro opens doors to access the time and wisdom of the most successful leaders on the planet," commented Rosemary Leith-Berners Lee, Co-Chair of the World Wide Web foundation.

Vintro's first series, Origins, will launch this summer and will include intimate stories from some of the world's most successful people. They will share the connections and moments of serendipity that defined their journeys. From today, that special teacher, coach, mentor or friend is somebody everyone can experience. 

VintroTM is a Delaware registered company headquartered in Chicago Illinois with offices in London, Cape Town and Melbourne.

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