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Undergraduate Study in Italy

By Laura Blake

Posted: 29th July 2014 12:50

Studying abroad in Italy performs in many respects; renowned for its art and architecture, history, culture, food and fashion, it also offers one of the most highly valued and greatest educational experiences.  With a long history of education, the University of Bologna has been regarded as having paved the way for the university system in existence today.  With 89 current universities that draw in around 32,000 international students a year, Italy is without a doubt a hotspot for international studying.  Renowned for being a breed grounding of top notch universities, the opportunities available to study a Bachelors degree ranges from Art History, Business, Economics, Engineering, Fashion, Food, Political Science, to name a few.  Not only are students in for one of the highest levels of education but, with such huge student body and such a rich culture as Italy, you’re in for an incredible life experience. 

Study Fashion in Milan

Aside from being the second most populous city in Italy, Milan is most recognisable as being one of the world’s most significant fashion capitals alongside Paris, New York and London. 

For any aspiring fashionista looking to learn the ropes of the fashion industry, Istituto Marangoni should be your only choice.  Although it has also has schools in Paris, New York, London and Shanghai, Milan is where it all came to life.  Not only are you right in the heart of the city centre, but you’re metres away from the path of fashion excellence.  Designed for students looking to enter the field of fashion or design but who have no prior experience within either area, Istituto Marangoni offers a great choice of undergraduate programmes.  Its fashion courses range from Fashion Design, Styling, Business, Communication and New Media, and Accessories Design, and design programmes such as Interior Design, Product Design, Accessories Design and Visual Design.  All courses take place over a three-year period where you’ll be working and learning along some of the most imaginative, hard-working, and highly-skilled professionals in the business, and guarantee to leave with a BA (Hons) degree. 

University of Gastronomic Studies

Greatly renowned for its cuisine, Italy is known as being one the best and most famous places for gourmet delicacies.  Not only is it the sweet abode to such generic favourites as chicken parmigiana, spaghetti with pork Bolognese, and pizza margherita, it’s also the location of suburb city Bra and the first university specifically devoted to studying the intrinsic link between food and culture. 

The University of Gastronomic Sciences offers a fine opportunity for anyone looking to develop their knowledge in multidisciplinary food studies.  As both humanities and science are taught, you’ll be engaging in a variety of practical learning methods, laboratory work, and study travelling.  If jetting off to Italy wasn’t enough of an adventure already, the study trips are designed to take students around products region of origin in an attempt to engage in first-hand learning experiences of food preparation.  Whilst study trips count towards a new form of experimental study, this three-year Gastronomic Sciences degree will also provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to work in food preparation, processing, distribution and promotion of food and drink, as well as the functions of food and wine tourism.  This unique opportunity is the perfect excuse to travel, learn and travel some more.

Business at John Cabot University

Located in the heart of Rome, in the historic Trastevere neighbourhood, is American liberal arts school, John Cabot University.  However, although a liberal arts institution, it is also known amongst its international students as being one of the best universities for a bachelor’s degree in business orientated programmes such as International Business, International Affairs, Economics and Finance. 

As an American university its academic structures are very much similar, and though a relatively small institution, it has an extensive impact on its students.  With an average class of around 15 people, it allows for a more interactive and personal, one-to-one learning experience, making it the more quicker and easier to acquaint with professors and classmates. 

Aside from being a hugely friendly environment with fantastic, intimate learning facilities, it’s also uniquely situated along the banks of the Tiber River, on the grounds of the prestigious Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei, where Galileo worked.  Only minutes from such wonders as the Vatican, Castel Sant’Angelo and the Sistine Chapel, it’s the perfect place to learn, integrate and marvel as you sightsee.  

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