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TTT Language School Phuket

Posted: 6th July 2015 09:25

TTT Language School is one of the most renowned language institutes in Phuket.  Distinguished by its reliability, quality and professionalism, TTT has thrived since its opening in 1999.  Licensed with the Ministry of Education in Phuket, students know they are getting educational excellence and value for money.  Classes are small to ensure that all pupils receive one-to-one tuition and support, quality learning material is provided and lessons are well paced and engaging to make the experience immensely awarding.  This is enhanced by the fantastically international environment of TTT’s global team and its students. 

Predominantly, TTT is known as the leading TEFL teacher training provider in the region.  But, they also offer group and private lessons at basic, intermediate and advanced level for 11 languages by both native and non-native speakers.  TTT also provide training for specialist occupational needs including the hotel and service industry, tourism, engineering and government.  Or, students can brush up on their computer skills while studying and take IT classes.

For beach lovers and those looking for local culture, studying at TTT means you are in the perfect location for discovery!  A stone’s throw from the ocean, the school is situated on a traditional, community road with authentic architecture, cosy restaurants and cafés and public transport.  There are also many opportunities to scuba dive, sea kayak, game fish and relax at the nearby spa.

TEFL/TESOL Teacher Training

Teach at the Beach, Work World Wide!

TTT provides the foremost TEFL programme in Phuket.  Students are guaranteed to leave confident and skilfully equipped to teach English as a foreign language due to the expertise of staff with over 20 years worth of experience worldwide.  Students can gain an internationally recognised certificate in 120 hours over four weeks, Monday to Friday, between 09:00 and 13:00 – so plenty of time for exploring too!  This qualification is your passport to stay in Thailand and teach, or work world wide as it provides the necessary validation and practical experience. 

The course is broken into comprehensive coverage of Teaching Methods (35%), Language Analysis (30%) and Teaching Practise and Critique (35%).  Students graduate well versed in all grammatical and phonological techniques, teaching etiquette and styles such as lesson planning, presentation and management, and receive ample classroom practise.  The TEFL syllabus can also be customised to suit individual needs or be increased in length.  There is no formal examination, instead students are assessed throughout and receive great feedback and advice. 

For the best experience, and value for money, keep your eyes out for TTT promotional packages.  Special programmes include the standard 120 hour TEFL/TESOL Teaching Certificate Course, a one year plus education visa, Thai language lessons and a guaranteed job placement.

Englishwood Village Learning Centre

A unique and innovative way of teaching beginners

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