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Top Ten Hottest Countries for Internships in 2017

Posted: 9th August 2017 09:44

International internship placement company, Global Nomadic (, has conducted new research to compile a list of the top 10 most popular countries to intern during 2017. Based on all the data gathered from searches on its website this year(1), the top 10 list is:

1. Thailand: Consistently rated as a top destination, offering exciting new business-related internships in the world’s most visited city
2. Argentina: Opportunities to live and work in the Latin American powerhouse Buenos Aires makes Argentina a popular choice for many young professionals eager to intern and perfect their Spanish
3. Belize: The only English-speaking Central American country, Belize offers astounding biodiversity for interns pursuing a wildlife conservation career
4. Costa Rica: It’s one of the most popular destinations in Central America thanks to its famously friendly people and unparalleled biodiversity
5. Mongolia: For interns seeking an intriguing destination truly off the beaten path, Mongolia offers a fascinating insight into a deeply traditional culture as it transitions into a modern society
6. Tanzania: The top choice for human rights interns, Tanzania offers an incredibly rich culture, stunning landscapes and challenging development issues
7. Nicaragua: Making inroads into renewable energy development, Nicaragua is rapidly gaining popularity as both a tourist and volunteer-abroad destination
8. Cambodia: Against a complex cultural backdrop, interns arriving in Cambodia are amazed by the warm welcome and possibilities to make a much-needed impact in local communities
9. China: As one of the oldest civilisations on the planet, China continues to attract international volunteers looking learn more about its enigmatic culture
10. Brazil: With a rich culture of social community work and internships, Brazil is a fantastic destination for interns interested in community development, wildlife conservation and medicine.

Whilst ever-popular destinations such as Thailand, China, Cambodia and Belize are included in the list, a number of countries, such as Brazil and Nicaragua, are benefitting from recent economic and infrastructure growth, and are as a result becoming more attractive to work in. The company believes that Brazil will continue to be a popular destination after it successfully hosted the 2016 FIFA World Cup, 2016 Olympics and Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

The company has also released lists of the top three countries by each of the professional industries that it arranges placements for:

  • Veterinary: Thailand, Cook Islands, Guatemala
  • Wildlife: Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala
  • Environment: Nicaragua, Ecuador, Belize
  • Medical: Nepal, Cambodia, Myanmar
  • Media: Argentina, Mongolia, Thailand
  • NGO & business industries: Thailand, Argentina, Cambodia
  • TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language): Costa Rica, Thailand, Czech Republic

And when it comes to Human Rights, Tanzania is the top destination for interns looking to grow their skills in this area.

CEO of Global Nomadic, Jeremy Freedman, commented: “2017 is shaping up to be a very busy year for global internships. Our company has received 15% more inquiries from candidates this year compared to 2015, and we’re seeing that the traditionally popular destinations such as Thailand and China are now competing with the many diverse destinations available in South America.”

From today, those seeking professional internships can access an exciting and ground-breaking marketplace model through a new Global Nomadic website. Unlike the traditional agency-based model, the new platform simplifies the process of finding and securing quality, professional international internships.

Jeremy Freedman explained: “Our new website will empower young people to gain professional, on-the-ground experience and contacts with the NGO’s we work with. Our goal is to allow all parties to more easily affect real, positive change around the world, revolutionising the outdated ‘agency’ model. We know candidates want to speak directly to the organisations they want to work for and we can now provide this opportunity.

“We are setting out to change the global mindset of those seeking and offering internships, promote interconnectivity and highlight further the importance of cross-cultural, social and environmental awareness for the next generations of a global workforce.”

The new look website from Global Nomadic will offer a direct bridge between interns looking for a career-enhancing international opportunity with grassroots NGOs, using an intuitive, effortless and visually exciting interface. Applicants will be able to communicate directly with the in-country project coordinators, ask questions, process applications and confirm their place. All projects have been fully and appropriately vetted and the vast majority have been personally visited by a member of Global Nomadic to ensure their reputability and worthwhileness.

Jenni Lipa, President of Cambodian Community Dream Organization commented: “It was not until we had met the passionate and professional team at Global Nomadic that we decided to form our first partnership with an intern placement company. We agreed to work together due to their unique approach in finding great matches for both the interns and organisations. We could not be more pleased by the high calibre of interns from Global Nomadic; they’re educated, highly skilled, dependable, collaborative and indispensable to our organization.”

Prospective interns can also choose to add a premium, bespoke per-departure and emergency service, which provides help with organising flights, visas, vaccinations, insurance and more. This service provides added confidence, making the platform suitable for both first-time and experienced interns.

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