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Top Scholarships and Grants for International Students

Posted: 12th October 2015 08:54

With 31 institutions making the Times World University Rankings top 50, North America particularly is famed for its success at cultivating some of the world’s most influential people.  However, with emerging economies developing from South and Central America, many countries are investing in increasing their appeal to the world’s brightest students. 

From the metropolitan cities of the US and Canada to the tropical conurbations in Costa Rica and Mexico, there are many esteemed educational establishments to advance your academic achievements.  Studying a degree abroad, no matter the level, is always an expensive experience and not everyone has rich parents.  Thankfully, there are numerous scholarships and grants available from governments as well as particular universities and colleges to help support your studies.

Performance Scholarship of Academic Excellence

Level: Any

Location: Costa Rica

Institution: Universidad de Costa Rica

Costa Rica's most important research university offers excellent opportunities for international students.  The scholarship is automatically granted to all students.  Undergraduates are required to score 9.0 in an academic aptitude test prior to entering the university and students accepted into graduate schools must attain an average of 9.0.  Grants are reassessed every academic year where students are expected to have obtained an average of 9.0 throughout the previous year or above 15 credits.

ISS Tuition Scholarships

Level: Any

Location: Hawaii

Institution: University of Hawai'i at Mānoa

The University of Hawai'i runs three International Student Scholarships (ISS).  The Dai Ho Chun Scholarship asks for a minimum of 3.00 GPA for all students and is predominantly based on academic merit.  The Financial Hardship Scholarship is available for students dealing with unforeseen financial circumstances.  Undergraduates must attain a minimum of 2.50 GPA and graduates 3.00 GPA.  The Outstanding International Student Scholarship is aimed at students that have made outstanding contributions in cultural relations on the university campus.

Full Scholarship

Level: Undergraduates

Location: Cuba

Institution: Universidad de la Habana

As the highest ranking university in Cuba, Universidad de la Habana (UH) also places in Latin America's top 100 universities.  The university is the oldest in Cuba and one of the first to be established in the Americas.  UH has 16 faculties offering programmes covering the economic, social and natural sciences and humanities.  With 60,000 students enrolled and tuition fees mounting to almost $30,000, it's good to know that for international students, there are some full scholarships available.

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship

Level: Postgraduate

Location: Québec, Canada

Institution: Vanier College

Designed to attract the best of the best, Vanier College's graduate scholarship is one of the most lucrative.  There are 167 scholarships awarded annually and they are divided equally between various councils.  The scholarship is for $50,000 per year for three years.  Applicants are considered based on an evaluation of academic excellence, leadership, and research potential.

Columbia College Scholarship

Level: Undergraduates

Location: Missouri, US

Institution: Columbia College

Columbia College offer an array of scholarships, but perhaps most lucrative is the Columbia College Scholarship.  It’s a competitive scholarship awarded to five students, home as well as international, and covers tuition, room and board.  Recipients of the award are selected at Scholarship Days running three times a year on the college's campus.  A minimum of 3.5 cumulative GPA and 26 ACT or SAT equivalent is required and students must also provide evidence of leadership in the community or at school.

First-Year Merit Scholarships

Level: Undergraduates

Location: Washington, D.C., US

Institution: American University

The merit awards granted by the American University are partial scholarships.  They are based on an amalgamation of academic achievement, English skills and leadership, in addition to examples of volunteering and community service.  Scholarships are renewable throughout your degree as long as a high level of academic attainment is maintained.  There are no need-based scholarships or grants for international students.

Dartmouth Scholarships

Level: Any

Location: New Hampshire, US

Institution: Dartmouth College

As an Ivy League institution, Dartmouth College is famed for its international success at delivering talented alumni.  The university offers need-based financial aid to all students.  Dartmouth aims to produce graduates with as small a student debt as possible.  In accordance with this, international students are expected to contribute towards the aid they receive by working over summer or during term time on campus.

International Master's and Doctoral Student Awards

Level: Postgraduate

Location: Ontario, Canada

Institution: University of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo may be a young university in comparison to its competitors, but it has been at the forefront in research for some years.  As well as holding a Canadian study permit, applicants must be enrolled in a full-time research-based graduate degree at the university.  There are academic progress requirements that students must achieve to keep the scholarship and grant values are dependent on the course and level of study.

Humber International Entrance Scholarships

Level: Undergraduate

Location: Ontario, Canada

Institution: Humber College

Humber offers full and partial scholarships for international undergraduates, some of which are renewable.  There are two full tuition scholarships and two $5,000 grants available.  To have scholarships renewed, students are required to retain a 75% GPA in each year of the degree programme.  Applications are considered* based on academic achievement, letters of reference and the statement of interest.  If you should wish to apply, you'll find a form in your acceptance package.

2015 Mexican Government Scholarship Programme for International Students

Level: Postgraduate

Location: Mexico

Institution: Over 70

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Mexico is very interested in attracting international graduates to study Master's, doctorates and graduate research.  Students from 180 countries are welcome to take advantage of potentially zero registration and tuition fees as well as health insurance and an inclusive grant.  Applicants should be accepted in or currently enrolled at a participating Mexican institution whilst achieving a minimum of 8.0 GPA (or an equivalent) for the most recent degree received.

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