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Top Countries to Study Abroad as an American Student

Posted: 14th November 2022 14:54

Education is important for every person because it explains various aspects and phenomena of life. It enriches our experience and teaches the necessary skills. At times, students do not want to study in their native lands. This desire can be caused by a weak educational system, no chances to develop, find yourself, or some other reasons. Such students intend to choose from the best countries to study abroad. 

Which one is the best country to study in? This is a one-million question to answer. Many countries offer their own benefits and peculiarities that attract learners from various parts of the globe. To make your choice easier and save time on research, we have checked the best ones. We are ready to share our findings here below. Read on to find out those learning destinations. 

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Check the Criteria and Select the Place to Best Study Abroad

Before we develop the main question of the article, we’d like to make a short stop to think. When you select the best places to study abroad, you need to stick to definite criteria. While we’ve researched this matter, we used the next ones:

Quality of teaching

The chance to achieve career goals

Personal development

Language learning

Culture and lifestyle

Opportunities to network or make new friends


Thanks to these points, we have defined the next top countries to study abroad:

Spain Tops the Study Abroad Places for Studying

This European country is famous all around the world for many amazing things. For example, culture and life options are ranked #1, which is crucial for many learners. It is the 6th best study destination in Europe. Besides, it embraces the 4th place for adventure.

New Zealand

This country attracts many learners thanks to the beauty of its locations. For example, this is the country where the famous The Lord of the Rings and Hobbit were filmed. It is ranked as the 5th country in the world for achieving career goals, which is very significant! It is ranked 7th in the categories of adventure and personal development.

United Kingdom

This country is always on similar lists. First of all, its system of education is the 3rd best in Europe. The quality of teaching is ranked #1. Besides, the criteria culture and life have got 3rd place.


This beautiful and peaceful country is economically strong and stable. Its system of education is the 2nd best in Europe. As for achieving career goals, it is the 1st in the world! Besides, it is ranked 3rd for personal development.


This country is utterly beautiful for its nature. All those mountains, forests, and lakes truly amaze. Its educational system is one of the best in the world and the best in North America. Language learning is awarded the 4th position. The quality of teaching is ranked 5th best in the world.

How to Select the Right Educational Institution?

Once we’re through with the top places to study abroad, we want to pay attention to another crucial point. How to choose the best educational institution for you? There are several crucial steps you need to do. We will describe them here below!

Check the demands for application

Find out how much should be paid for tuition

Check the possibilities for personal development

Research adventure and cultural perspectives

Can you find a good job in that country after you get the diploma?

Is there a good chance to network?

Will you be able to learn a new language and how beneficial can it be?

You can likewise add your own values to this list. It is always individual. Afterward, have it in front of your eyes when you evaluate the possible study places. Do not forget to consult your parents and educators. They will surely provide you with good pieces of advice.

The Bottom Line

If you intend to learn in another country, your choice must be cautious and properly studied. We have offered the top places to study abroad, but you are also free to check other options. At any rate, we are sure that your choice will be victorious. Just don’t forget to use our smart tips on choosing the right institution.


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