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The Benefits Of Studying Abroad

By Rohini Makwana

Posted: 11th September 2012 11:55

Tuition fees are going up to over £9,000 in England do not let this put you off a fantastic career and achieving your goals.  Many hopeful university students are looking to study abroad.  With the bonuses it has, studying abroad is becoming widely recognised especially for future undergraduates.  Many universities are extremely supportive of international study, some even mandate it.  In the tough world of employment you need to positively make yourself stand out from the vast crowd.  Employers are interested in your international educational experience as it gives you the edge over other candidates.  Studying abroad also looks great on your curriculum vitae and is a great topic of discussion during interviews.

How to choose which university to go to and what course

Identify your career goal(s) and research what country and universities are best suited to these goal(s).  Being in a top environment for your study will boost your chances of success.  Research how the universities rank against others in the world here.  From this ranking you can also discover which offer financial grants to international students, which is a handy way to save money.  If your desired university does not offer grants then it is quick and simple to discover their tuition fees, which are considerably cheaper.  Choose a subject that interests you and you want to know more about.  You will be far keener to learn about a subject that interests you and excel in it.  Do not be afraid to ask queries directly.  Email is the most efficient way to get your message across or if you can, call the university; for a quicker response.  You never know until you ask.  Whilst applying to a university abroad consider their pros and cons and how they suit you.  For example what is their academic study is like? How high are their pass rates? Will you enjoy living your life here?


So many fantastic and unique opportunities await you when you study abroad.  Immerse yourself in an exciting new cultural setting.  You will experience first-hand the countries lifestyles, perceptions, beliefs and traditions.  There is also no enjoyable and more effective way to learn a new language than by being surrounded by it; hearing it being used in context and not a boring classroom.  Not to mention the ability to speak more than one language is greatly desired by many top employers.  When on an academic break, be pleasantly surprised and gain a new outlook on life as you venture out or explore your surroundings? You could even take up a new hobby or discover a hidden talent.  Studying abroad gives you the freedom to meet new people, get to know the locals and fellow international students.  In fact you can get a ready-made international friendship and professional network in a wonderful environment.


Many young people are afraid to move away from home for a range of reasons from finance to comfort.   There is no doubt education will broaden your academic skills which will ultimately gain you a higher chance of a successful and happier life with more options.  So it is a no brainer that sooner or later you are going to have to be independent and overcome new challenges.  Nine times out of 10 people will move away from home for work and therefore will need to have the right skills.  More than any of the other bonuses studying abroad is a new experience to become more independent, discover more about yourself, overcome challenges and learn to adapt and respond in effective ways.  Not to mention you will save thousands of valuable pounds.  After all conquering your fear’s can only make you a better person and more employable. 

Studying abroad is a fantastic way to get the same university experiences whilst saving thousands of pounds.  There is a whole range of outstanding universities that will make you feel welcome as they greatly boost your career options and you as a person whilst you gain invaluable knowledge, experiences and memories to cherish for a lifetime. 

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