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TANDEM Germany

Posted: 11th August 2015 08:18

TANDEM Germany is a network of nine schools in Cologne, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Bielefeld, Göttingen, Dresden, Frankfurt and Bremen. Based in some of Germany’s most interesting cities, their German courses inspire and motivate you to learn German easily and to experience and enjoy the local culture.

Whichever school you choose, at TANDEM you'll always find:

• qualified, committed, enthusiastic and friendly teachers

• dynamic and effective courses, based on a wide range of activities,

 in a relaxed environment (games, video, group work etc.)

• interactivity in class, where even learning grammar can be fun

• small groups

• courses at all levels

• extensive cultural and recreational programmes

• opportunities to link up with a TANDEM language exchange partner

Where to stay

To learn German effectively, it is obviously best to live together with German locals. TANDEM provides its students with a choice of single rooms in shared flats, private rooms in family homes, and, occasionally, in student dormitories. These living arrangements will involve you very quickly in speaking everyday German.


The school is located close to the city centre in the so-called “Südstadt”, a district well known for its lively atmosphere, with many little shops, bars and restaurants.

It’s close to one of the university cafeterias and a beautiful park with a typical German beer garden. Cologne is a modern, lively and cosmopolitan city with varied cultural offerings and trendy clubs and bars for the night life.

TANDEM Göttingen:

TANDEM Göttingen is located in the pedestrian area of the historical centre of the town. You will find lots of coffee bars, pubs, club, theatres and cinemas just around the corner. Also most of the bus routes stop in front of the school.

Göttingen is located in the heart of Germany, where the purest German is spoken. This facilitates learning and makes it more effective.

TANDEM Bielefeld:

Participants from all over the world and the school’s personal, friendly atmosphere combine to make the learning interesting and varied. Small groups mean that everyone’s interests can be met. All the courses take place in pleasant, sunny classrooms in the city centre – only five minutes away from the main shopping area.

TANDEM Dresden:

Kästner Kolleg e.V. is a registered nonprofit organisation for language and culture in Dresden. In the newly expanded and updated school you will find 10 bright, well-equipped classrooms. There is also a library, media centre, a comfortable cafeteria with a self-service kitchen, and Wi-Fi throughout.

Next to the school is Alaunpark, the Central Park of the neighbourhood, where you can relax and spend your free time.

TANDEM Bremen (Casa Bremen):

You’ll find the school in the very centre of Bremen, only a few minutes’ walk from the train station and the historic town centre. Housed in a traditional building, the classrooms are bright and spacious. The school stretches over two floors, with an open-plan communal lounge on the ground floor and a sunny roof terrace on the first floor. There’s tea and coffee for students, as well as free internet access and Wi-Fi.

TANDEM München:

TANDEM Munich l is located at Kurfürstenplatz 5 - in the Schwabing district of Munich.  At TANDEM Munich you'll find a great learning centre, an easy-going atmosphere and a competent and experienced body of teachers who are not just here to teach. They are here to help you settle in to the German way of life and make the whole Munich experience more accessible!

TANDEM Berlin:

TANDEM Berlin is situated in the popular district of Prenzlauer Berg, close to Friedrichshain, known for its lively night-life, and the centrally located Alexanderplatz is only a few minutes away. Berlin is not only the capital, but also Germany’s biggest and most culturally diverse city. To top it all — Berlin is one of the cheapest big cities in Europe.

TANDEM Frankfurt (Zentrum für deutsche Sprache und Kultur):

The "Zentrum für deutsche Sprache und Kultur" is located in a quiet but central part of Frankfurt. A large shopping mile called "Zeil" offers many opportunities for shopping, socialising, and browsing. It is located a few steps from the historical centre, famous for the City Hall, Paulskirche, and Cathedral. Just across the river Main, museums invite you to up-to-date exhibitions.

TANDEM Hamburg:

Tradition and modern spirit close to the water: TANDEM Hamburg is situated in Hamburg's city centre,between the New Town and the Old Town on the historic Inner Harbour. We are overlooking a canal, the 'Herrengrabenfleet', only a stone's throw from the river Elbe. The school offers a relaxed personal and pleasant learning environment, where you will learn successfully and have fun doing so.

City Hopping - German combination courses

Tour of Germany – let curiosity guide you, enjoy fascinating experiences and return home with the language. One country, two or three cities, one great experience!

The TANDEM language schools in Cologne, Berlin, Bielefeld, Bremen, Dresden, Frankfurt, Göttingen, Hamburg and Munich are offering you TANDEM – Deutschlandreise this year!

Start your language sojourn in the city of your choice and continue your course in another place.

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