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Studying in Mexico

Posted: 31st May 2016 08:23

When you first picture Mexico you may be familiar with TV or movie scenes showing dynamic spring-break parties, beautiful sandy beaches and top hotels.  On the other hand, Mexico’s rich ancient history boasts an array of diverse cultures and societies having once been home to the Mayans and Aztecs to name a few.

But did you know this multi-cultural country also offers great study opportunities? With its vast number of institutions and study programmes Mexico has no drawback in attracting students with differing educational interests and overall providing a great place to study.

Mexico will particularly appeal to students who wish to study disciplines like History, Social Sciences, Spanish, Politics or Economics.  As well as offering a variety of internship programmes specialising in a number of areas ranging from Biomedical Sciences to Business Management. 

Student’s intent on studying in Mexico for more than six months must get a student visa before arriving by applying through their native country’s Mexican embassy.

Fees start from around $1,000 USD per semester and can vary depending on the field of study and institution.  Loans and scholarships are available as a financial aid, so it’s better to research all available options before making any important decisions.

Mexico doesn’t fall short in offering natural landmarks, amazing attractions and enjoyable activities.  You may wish to roam the Chichén Itzá site – one of the new Seven Wonders of the World – or explore the ancient ruins and colonial sites.  If you’re feeling adventurous then perhaps climbing Devil’s Peak will be more your cup of tea or discovering the world’s second largest coral reef for a spot of scuba-diving or snorkelling. 

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