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Graduate Jobs: Tokyo for Science & Technology

By Sean Mahon

Posted: 4th December 2014 15:08

Japan’s capital is a constantly developing megalopolis, famed for incessant fads which range from manga to Zen.  Tokyo however, is most internationally renowned for its contribution to the technological world.  Home to globally recognised electronics companies such as Nikon, Toshiba, Canon and Nintendo, Tokyo should be the first port of call for any science or technology graduates who are considering working abroad. 

Those who choose to work in Tokyo would be working alongside graduates from the Tokyo Institute of Technology, which is the world’s leading facility for science and technology, and would gain specialist knowledge in fields such as consumer electronics and robotics.  In fact there is a whole area in Japan, Akihabra, nicknamed ‘electric town’, which is a major centre for electronic goods. 

Japanese products account for a large share in the world market in comparison to most other countries which is likely to be because of their innovative and forward thinking nature.  The city is host to the International Robot Exhibition, which draws in talented engineers who have designed robots that may be able to help with healthcare, services and manufacturing.  Unfortunately they still haven’t invented a robot that can do your coursework for you yet.  

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