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England a Great Place to Study

By Rohini Makwana

Posted: 11th September 2012 09:39

The United Kingdom has long been the top study abroad destination, and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why – for English-speaking students going abroad, it’s one of the places where you don’t have to be studying a foreign language to get by.  Learning a language is hard, right? So if you can get away with doing less work and still studying overseas, all the better! The U.K is one of the most popular destinations for first-time vacationers, so it’s not surprising that it would also be popular with students.

There is no doubt that Oxford University is the best University to study business.  The reputation of the world famous institution speaks for itself.  The Saïd Business Schoolis one of Europe's youngest and most entrepreneurial business schools and has played an integral part in making Oxford University the place it is now.  The School embodies the academic rigour and forward thinking that has made Oxford a world leader in education.

The University College of London is an exceptional for teaching languages.  It is consistently ranked amongst the best universities in the world, with an emphasis on innovative teaching and research excellence.  No wonder they got their first Nobel Prize in 2009 and are continuing their excellence.

You can find out about the fees of studying at Oxford herein the near future.  For 2012-13 the course fees are £9,000 for full-time home/EU undergraduates.  Students can apply for bursaries for up to £3,500 a year, depending on household income. 

On the London hop-on-hop-off sightseeing tour, you’ll see all the magical sights of the sensational capital city in a comfortable and secure environment, above the crowds at street level aboard open top buses.  Or you can watch a show at the world famous West End.  Catch mind-blowing concerts at the fantastic arenas all over the United Kingdom.  This doesn’t even being to scratch the surface with activities and sights in the United Kingdom as there are hundreds more just waiting for you to get in involved in whilst you’re not studying. 

In all seriousness, the United Kingdom offers some of the top study abroad opportunities, whether you’re talking about the bustling capital of London, Scotland’s historic capital city of Edinburgh, or any number of smaller cities and towns throughout England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.  And if you’re studying theatre, literature, or history, the U.K is a great place to be.  Oh, and about the language thing – don’t assume your English will be like their English.  There are differences, albeit sometimes subtle ones, that can make for some pretty entertaining exchanges.

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