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Become An Intern in Britain and Stand Out From The Crowd

Posted: 8th April 2016 08:40

In an increasingly competitive job market, it is even more important to try to make your resume stand out from the crowd if you want to give yourself the best opportunity of finding employment in the future.  Work abroad specialist, BUNAC, can help by offering the chance to live and work in the UK for up to six months on its Intern in Britain program:  the ideal way of setting yourself apart from your peers, demonstrating your drive and determination to prospective employers and giving you all the benefits of international work experience.

The BUNAC Blue Card Internship Program is a Government Authorized Exchange and BUNAC is an A-rated sponsor authorized by the UK Border Agency to issue a Certificate of Sponsorship to successful applicants.  BUNAC accepts applications all year round from full-time degree-level students or recent graduates aged 18 plus from the US or outside the EEA.

Professional internships can be organized by you, arranged by your university, or sourced via a placement agency or one of BUNAC’s partner companies, which also assist in finding accommodation, run cultural and work orientation programmes, as well as social networking events to help you adjust to your new lifestyle as quickly as possible. 

Internships may be paid or unpaid and can be anywhere in the beautiful, historic UK – England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.  Fields of work include art, marketing, engineering, banking, law and computer software development, with examples of former interns having worked in businesses throughout the City of London, as event planners, for an international emergency relief NGO and even in the Scottish Parliament!

The only job restriction on the Intern in Britain programme is that participants may not work in the hospitality or healthcare sectors.

Whichever option you choose BUNAC will provide full support and help to ensure that your internship meets the necessary requirements for the organisation to issue a Certificate of Sponsorship, which then allows you to apply for a work visa.

The work abroad specialist also offers a work and cultural orientation program.  This covers everything from how to live on a budget, to travel advice and social tips.  And then, of course, there’s the English language – who knew that candy are called sweets in the UK, a side walk is a pavement, soccer is football, a band aid is a plaster, the London underground transport system is known as The Tube and pants are actually underwear?!

Wherever you end up working in the UK, a trip to London to see the sights is a definite ‘must do’ during your six-month stay.  And, with so many iconic attractions, such as Big Ben, The London Eye, St Paul’s Cathedral, Buckingham Palace, The Shard, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and the Houses of Parliament, to name but a few, you may have to visit several times if you are not actually working in this amazing capital city!

Top Five Reasons to register on BUNAC’s Intern in Britain program:

- International internships and work experience add colour to your resume and make you much more attractive to potential employers;

- International connections, letters of recommendation, references and endorsements from employers abroad all impress future employers;

- You will have a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in British culture and visit many of the UK’s world-famous places of interest;

- The assistance provided by work abroad specialist, BUNAC, will be invaluable in helping you to navigate the often complicated process of gaining an internship in the UK;

- Working overseas demonstrates that you are independent, hard-working, adaptable and driven – all skills that     will help you to get interviews with prospective employers in the future.

International placements are highly regarded by employers and there have been many success stories of interns who have gone on to be offered work visas by the company with which they did their placement.  So, why not get a head start and visit to discover more about working in the UK.

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