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Become a Scuba Diver in Thailand

By Rachel Jones

Posted: 11th August 2014 15:46

If you are in search of an idyllic island lifestyle, with crystal clear waters and stretches of unspoiled white sand, then there are few better places to head in Southeast Asia than the Thai islands.  The beer is cheap and even in the rainy season you can expect the sun to make an appearance but, unfortunately, no matter how little you spend, the money won’t last forever and you will inevitably have to take that dreaded trip home.

Unless, of course, you find yourself a job.  The small island of Koh Tao lies off the Central Gulf Coast of Southern Thailand and is an infamous scuba diving hotspot due to the minimal prices and the maximum underwater clarity.  The main tourist area, Sairee Beach, is strewn with PADI certified diving schools to cater to the masses of underwater lovers who flock to the region to gain their open water qualifications.  Whether you choose to become a divemaster, or you decide to go the whole way and become a fully certified instructor, you can join the rest of the expats and literally get paid for living the dream.  By no means am I implying that scuba diving is easy, but once you are qualified, the skills are transferrable and can be put to use the world over.

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