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The University of Belgrano

Posted: 28th October 2015 08:25

As one of the oldest private universities in Argentina, The University of Belgrano is a great choice for those considering studying in Buenos Aires.  With well-connected links with universities around the world, more than 2,500 international students make up the 14,000-strong community at University of Belgrano.  Offering courses that are taught in both English and Spanish which are especially designed for international students, students are able to learn in the language with which they feel most comfortable. 

Set in the suburb of Belgrano in Buenos Aires, the area has many notable attractions, namely the River Plate Stadium, the largest stadium in Argentina and home to the Argentine national football team; students will not be short of things to do while in Buenos Aires.  Excursions are also organised for the international students where they get to soak up the atmosphere and culture that Argentina has to offer.  Some trips may include visiting Tigre, a tranquil area out of the hustle and bustle of Buenos Aires, here there are tours of the nature reserve, or you could visit Feria de Mataderos, where you can truly soak up the Argentine atmosphere by seeing dance performances, local foods and arts and crafts stalls.  A trip to San Antonio de Areco includes seeing horse riding displays at a traditional ranch; you can also visit charming colonial streets and enjoy a traditional Argentine barbeque.

Fees, funding and scholarships

The cost of tuition is less than what it is in the UK, with one, six month semester costing approximately $5,295USD ( £3,400GBP ).  The University of Belgrano also offers a four week optional course in Spanish at intermediate and advanced level which costs $1,995USD ( £1,281GBP ).  If students apply to study at The University of Belgrano through CISAbroad, over 70% of the applicants receive scholarships or grants in order to study abroad.  These scholarships can be attained by simply applying early or summiting an application.  Students who apply through the CIS package programme will have the cost of many aspects of a study exchange covered, including the cost of health and medical insurance, accommodation, airport pickup and tuition.

Cost of living



Monthly bus ticket



Internet (10Mbps, unlimited data, cable/ADSL



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One summer dress in a chain store



Getting your Visa

Students are not required to obtain a student visa before leaving their home country; however students from the United States, Canada and Australia are required to pay a reciprocity fee before entering into Argentina.

Once students have arrived into Argentina they must complete a few applications.  Firstly students must obtain a Certificate of Argentine Criminal Records.  In order to obtain this they will require: Your passport, a copy of the front page of your passport and money to pay the tax for it. Then you are required to ask for your “Constanica de Inscripcion”Proof of registration,at the OAPEI. Students must also apply for your Transitional Residence at the National Immigration Centre which will require bringing the previous documents mentioned above as well as a full set of copies of your passport (including blank pages), one passport style photo and money to pay the settling tax.  Students who wish to work while they study in Argentina must complete the appropriate work visa once they have arrived in Argentina.

Next academic year starts:

March – July 2016
July – November 2016

Deadline to apply 30 November.

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