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Mountbatten Institute

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Posted: 27th November 2015 11:04

Founded in 1984, Mountbatten Institute is dedicated to giving ambitious young professionals the tools to enhance their international perspective and future prospects.  With a portfolio of leading corporate partners, Mountbatten works in collaboration with the excellent Graduate School of Management and Social Sciences at St Mary’s University, UK.  Designed for recent graduates and young professionals, the Institute offers a unique programme which combines overseas business experience and education unmatched by any other organisation. 

Participants can select a 12 or 16 month placement which incorporates a MBA or Postgraduate Certificate in International Business Practice, unparalleled work experience in a world leading financial district and the opportunity to amass an international network of friends, colleagues and business managers.  Throughout one’s placement, Mountbatten’s dedicated team provide on-going support to ensure your integration process is smooth; allowing you to get the most out of your placement. 

Mountbatten boasts an impressive portfolio of partnered corporations, predominantly large multinational investment banks, which include J.P. Morgan, BlackRock, UBS and ING.  Participants receive career changing practical training in a range of sectors such as Finance, Law, IT, Events Management, HR and Marketing and Communications.  Thus far, countless Mountbatten graduates have progressed to senior level positions in renowned companies, or have the confidence and skills to be their own boss. 

A Year in New York

Nurturing Talent

With Mountbatten Institute, young professionals work at the heart of New York’s most important and influential business districts; Wall Street, Times Square and Park Avenue.  Whilst working and studying in the Big Apple, you are not a tourist, but instead you are immersed in the rich cultural diversity of American life in one of the most cosmopolitan destinations on the planet.  Mountbatten’s carefully crafted programme will facilitate you to build a strong understanding of American and international business practices, thus providing you with all the knowledge and skills you will need to succeed professionally.  Mountbatten also provides everything you need such as stunning accommodation and living expenses; you don’t need to worry about anything.  In New York, Mountbatten works with 65 companies that are eager to take on and nurture new talent. 

A typical week for a Mountbatten young professional revolves around full-time professional training in-office, one or two evening classes and occasional weekend training.  These programmes are designed for go-getters therefore, the more you put in, the more you get out.  During free time, the most successful participants plunge themselves into New York and professional life.  Many get involved with the Intern Management Committee, organise weekend trips to the White House or Coney Island, write blogs and volunteer.  To give back to their new community, Mountbatten’s young professionals have given countless hours to assist One-To-World, HOPE and the Jewish Childcare Association of New York; to name a few.

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