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Introducing Lost Travel's Wayward: The App for Adventurers

Posted: 12th October 2020 11:35

Available today, the app Wayward offers independent travelers and event organizers the simplest way to track and share adventures around the world.

Wayward is free to download and just as easy to use, so adventurers can spend less time on their phone and more time exploring the world. It requires no fancy hardware or add-ons: just a smart phone and a passion for adventure.

Wayward is ultra-efficient, running smoothly in the background without draining your battery. It uses very little data and works just as well without cell reception, so even when adventures go off the grid, they aren't left off the map. Wayward lets users save notes along the way, to remember exactly where they got that flat tire or found a perfect waterfall. Adventurers can easily share their LIVE route map, so friends and family back home can follow along. Wayward is simple and intuitive: they start tracking with one tap, toss the phone in their backpack, and get back to the adventure.

For event organizers, Wayward lets organizers track all participants on one map. From a cross-country bike race to just an epic neighborhood scavenger hunt, Wayward gives organizers and their audience a bird's-eye view of every participant's route, all tracked on one simple, shareable map. It's easy to get participants signed up, organized, and easy to share the live tracking of every event.

While the pandemic has severely impacted event organizers across the globe, Wayward offers an easy, affordable way for organizers to run socially distanced events, while still capturing all the excitement on a single map for spectators to follow along at home.

Wayward was designed by the people at Lost Travel, who grew tired of piecing together their routes by memory after adventures. It's been used to track trips by bike, kayak, motorcycle, Cessna, foot, and any other way to get around, on nearly every corner of the globe, from Southeast Asia to South America to South Brooklyn.

Jake Gafner, the CEO of Lost Travel, explains, "We designed Wayward for three reasons. First, a real adventure lasts more than a day. Secondly, adventures go where cell reception doesn't. And third, you shouldn't have to carry an extra piece of hardware to track yourself — just use the phone you carry everywhere. We solved all that, and then we made it easy to share your adventure in real time, so your friends can follow along."

Wayward is now available for free on iOS and Android devices, with simple pricing options for larger event organizers. Learn more at

About Lost Travel

Lost Travel believes the best adventures are unguided and unscripted. They build software for adventure and have been organizing one-of-a-kind travel events across North America since 2018.

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