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29-Year-Old Dubbed "the Millennial Millionaire" Launches Book

Posted: 28th September 2020 10:48

Today, Blake Konrardy, 29-year-old author and self-made millionaire, launched his book Millennial Millionaire: Optimize Your Financial Life and Get Rich to usher in the next generation of wealth. While the average Millennial has a net worth of just $8,000, Konrardy has achieved millionaire status by identifying small life changes that optimize every aspect of his finances. These techniques propelled him from $232 in his bank account to $1.2 million in eight years, and they are now laid out for others to follow.

In Millennial Millionaire, Konrardy highlights the keys to riches in the modern era, including turning a passive career into an active business venture, finding a lucrative side hustle, and maximizing stock market returns. Konrardy also provides unique cautionary tales and financial pitfalls, such as his misguided attempt to start a company selling protein-enhanced beer and a nearly catastrophic loss dealing with a Costa Rican sports betting ring.

Millennials, more than any past generation, are struggling to accumulate wealth. On average, they hold 40% less wealth than Boomers did at the same age. This can be largely attributed to increasing student loan debt, stagnant wages, and economic uncertainty, which has been exacerbated by the COVID pandemic. Millennial Millionaire outlines how to overcome these obstacles unique to Millennials and the current economic climate.

"Boomers didn't have to know much about finances to be successful," says Blake Konrardy, author of Millennial Millionaire. "They could work the same job for 40 years, then retire with a nice pension and plenty of spending money. Millennials don't have that luxury. We need to take control of our own financial lives to earn what we deserve and save enough to retire, which is what I want to help others do."

Blake Konrardy, dubbed "the Millennial Millionaire," is an avid entrepreneur and investor, founder of a protein beer company, former professional sports bettor, a licensed pilot, creator of over 40 patents, and a bestselling personal finance author.

Millennial Millionaire is available now in ebook and paperback formats on Amazon and It is included free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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