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Volunteering in Nepal

By Paul Gettings

Posted: 30th September 2014 15:18

Experience Nepal while helping to improve lives

For a heartfelt, profound and life-changing experience Nepal offers a variety of different volunteer placements all with a focus on truly making a difference. Volunteers in Nepal can experience roles in teaching, care, medicine, conservation and physiotherapy all of which include a strong emphasis on helping the sick, the elderly, orphaned children and battling poverty.

Considered one of the poorest countries in the world, there is no shortage of work for volunteers in Nepal.  Most volunteers stay with host families for their accommodation, allowing them to experience the culture and daily life of Nepal’s people first hand.  Responsibilities differ depending on the volunteer placement chosen and can range from farming and agricultural work to cultural exchanges and helping children in an orphanage with their daily routines and lives. 

Nepal might be a small country but it still manages to hold a lot for the size, being home to stunning snow-capped mountains including Mount Everest, as well as historical temples and the stunning capital city Kathmandu. Several opportunities for volunteers can be found in the city, with Projects Abroad basing the majority of their Nepal volunteer programmes within the bustling capital. Kathmandu attracts pilgrims as well as travellers and volunteers and hosts plenty of religious festivals for volunteers to experience. 

If you’re the more adventurous type who loves the outdoors, the smaller villages offer you the perfect opportunities that you might miss in the capital. Organisations such as Volunteer Nepal offer placements all over the country, so working outside of Kathmandu is an option as well. Whether hiking in the foothills of Mount Everest or going on an adventure trek through the jungle in Chitwan National Park, Nepal is a country that offers an incredible experience for any who visit.

Most programs in Nepal require program fees to cover the cost of accommodation, meals, training, support and transfer to and from the airport. Prices start at around £150 for one week and rise accordingly depending on the length of stay.  

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