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Top Five Reasons To Visit Asia And Australasia

By Ryan Merrifield

Posted: 5th February 2015 12:43

With so many amazing places to visit deciding where to go on a gap year can be a real struggle.  Most of us have a bucket list as long as our arm, and trying to narrow down the options often just brings more amazing sites to your attention.  However Asia and Australasia have so much to offer and such a huge variety of places to visit and things to do that it is no wonder it is the most popular travel destination in the world, so here are our top five reasons to visit.


Vietnamese rice paddies give way to the heaving metropolis of Bangkok, which in turn gives way to Thailand’s famous party islands.  Japan alone is home to both the neon lights and digital billboards of modern Tokyo and tiny traditional villages.  A short flight to Australia takes you to an entirely new world, barren red deserts replacing lush vegetation – the perfect escape for when Southeast Asia’s monsoon season hits – and New Zealand is a thrill seekers paradise.  Asia and Australasia is the only place where you can explore ancient cultures and embark upon a spiritual journey, or singlehandedly set about demolishing Australia’s stores of Goon – or even both.


Whether you are watching the cricket with sport mad Aussies, surfing in Gold Coast, diving in Koh Tao, trekking the Himalayas, exploring eastern martial arts, or throwing yourself off of something stupid in New Zealand – think bridges, cranes, mountains, planes or anything else that you probably shouldn’t – you will never be short of physical activities to enjoy.  Of course no one will force you to do any of these, but they are a fantastic way to take a break from long bus rides and even the most sport averse will benefit from the stress busting tai chi or yoga sessions held in inner city parks throughout Asia.

It’s Cheap

Travelling in Asia often costs a fraction of what it does to travel in Europe or America, meaning you can spend much longer taking in the amazing sights.  Australia is somewhat more expensive but even here money stretches further than back home, especially out of season.  It is not just favourable exchange rates and the comparative lack of wealth in Asian countries that makes them cheap to stay in, it’s the culture; eating out is a common occurrence, not just for special occasions, so there are plenty of budget restaurants that serve quality fare, not to mention the delights of Thai and Vietnamese street food.

Centuries old Culture

Asia has some of the oldest cultures in the world, that have left behind countless beautiful monuments and fascinating traditions.  Ancient ruins and grand temples will break up your trip and thanks to their long Buddhist tradition most Asian countries also have a deep rooted tradition of hospitality, acceptance and tolerance making it one of the nicest places to visit.  Australia perhaps isn’t known quite so much for its culture, and its history is somewhat shorter but it does have a thriving art scene and there is still plenty for culture vultures to enjoy, particularly in the less touristy aboriginal areas.

The Nature

Of course one of the biggest attractions is the amazing natural scenery that lets you lose yourself in Australia’s cool beach culture or soak up the sun on one of Thailand’s famous islands.  It’s hard to beat spending your days relaxing golden beaches or swimming in the sea, but this is only the beginning; dramatic peaks, endless deserts and lush jungles are all on offer, and Asia’s monsoon season brings with it spectacular, if not exactly welcoming, weather and unforgettable memories.  Best of all this amazing nature surrounds you at all times, making trips a pleasure in themselves.

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