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The Trans-Siberian Express

By Jennideep Hayre

Posted: 1st November 2012 09:59

The Trans-Siberian Railway is the most epic train journey you will ever make.  It is a great way to capture the beauty of Russia and take in all the wonderful sights and attractions from the comfort of your seat. 

The railway runs from St Petersburg, through the Russian capital of Moscow onto Vladivostok, near to the border of China and North Korea.  You’ll find yourself passing through eight time zones and travelling over 6000 miles – a third of the way around the world.  Other network routes cross the border of Europe and Asia into Mongolia and China.

Trans-Siberian railway trains run all year round.  The most popular travel period is between May and September when you’re most likely to meet other fellow travellers and the temperatures are warmer but be sure to book in advance as this is peak season.  You may be thinking it would be cheaper to go within the off-peak season but unfortunately it isn’t, in fact it costs even more than it does in peak season.  

The entire journey takes around a week.  The train stops at each platform for a few minutes which is just enough time to buy a quick snack or stretch your legs.  However you may choose to stop off at certain points of the route to discover certain places on a more personal level so the journey overall will of course take longer.  If this is the case just be sure to plan ahead and put together a list of places you are intent of stopping off at to explore the region in depth yourself.   

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