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The Long Way Home after Australia

By Danielle Montgomery

Posted: 5th March 2013 15:57

Whether you’ve been on a yearlong working holiday visa, or the short but sweet tourist visa, it’s never fun to board the plane back home. So we’ve rounded up the best places to keep the traveller’s dream going after Australia and to make the journey home an adventure in itself.

New Zealand

A short hop over the Pacific Ocean, New Zealand is the quickest and easiest place to get to from the land down under, taking a mere three hours from Sydney to Auckland (pictured). Although just frequently used as a ‘visa run’ for travellers, New Zealand is home to some of the world’s best scenery and natural formations, as well as being a natural playground for thrill seekers and young adventurers, making it a destination worthy of exploration

If you ever thought what a music gig would sound like held deep in the natural bush, then find out in New Zealand summertime, where an array of festivals and concerts are held in quintessential Kiwi holiday spots. Or if you thought the bungee jump in Australia was epic, be very afraid of what the Kiwi’s have to offer. At a whopping 134m into the blue New Zealand skies, The Nevis bungee jump is set above the Nevis River and is the highest in Australasia, making for a once in a lifetime experience. However the excitement doesn’t stop at the end of a rope, as New Zealand offers many more exhilarating activities, such as off-road 4x4 driving, cave and canyon expeditions, extreme mountaineering and a rowdy nightlife. You’re head will be spinning with so much adrenaline you’ll soon forget about the prospects of returning home.


The most famous Aus ‘After Party’, Thailand has all of the traveller desires; beaches, world-famous sights and of course, lots of partying. Head to Koh Phangan for the immense Full Moon party where neon paint splattered over hundreds of tanned bodies is the expected sight. This party was originally initiated by a group of tourists who decided to host a party along the crescent shaped beach of Haad Rin to celebrate this monthly spectacle. Since then, tourists have trekked from all over the globe to join in the celebrations.

 Once the sun goes down, Thailand really comes to life where you can party with new friends till sunrise with the infamous ‘buckets’ of booze. The locals love the excitement  that travellers bring and are more than willing to help you, hence their relaxed approach to the law, extremely cheap services and low cost of living. Although Bangkok is renowned for its scandalous reputation, it is also home to some of the most important Buddhist Temples in the land so ensure to make time to explore this country’s natural beauty and history.

The phrase ‘anything goes’ really applies in Thailand. Expect to see prostitutes walking alongside Buddhist monks and expats sipping cocktails with their transgender wives. Thailand will never fail to shock, surprise and seduce you into their fantasy-like world!

South America

Thirteen countries strong, South America is a popular destination for backpackers thanks to its enthusiastic but very traditional approach to life. Whether you want to explore indigenous villages and hike up the famous Andes Mountains, partake in the buzz of a carnival in shanty towns or become one with nature in the Amazon Rainforest, South America is a place that was destined for travellers.

If you crave spontaneity, colour and electricity then Rio de Janeiro truly captures the essence of Brazilian culture. Occupying one of the most stunning settings of any metropolis in the world, Rio is a city that enchants visitors time and time again with its world famous beaches, musically orientated villages and passion for celebration.

Although once a realm of drugs, violence and gangland culture, Columbia is now back on travellers’ wish lists after becoming a safe nation again. A tropical paradise, this country has a magical grip upon tourists who often consider it to be their favourite place in South America. The drugs may still be very much there which can be unsettling, however it’s hard to resist the captivating pull of Columbia, which combines the urban vibes in the modern cities with a tranquil ambience of the Caribbean beaches and archaeological ruins.


Home to extensive wildlife, stunning landscapes and a native lively attitude, Canada is progressively becoming popular with backpackers wanting to venture to unspoilt land. Put on your hiking boots or snow gear and get pumped with excitement from Canada’s passion for the outdoors and extreme sports, which will leave you refreshed, rejuvenated and ready for more.

Vancouver, situated directly on the Pacific Coast, attracts millions of tourists every year. It’s location on the Pacific Coast, mild climate and array of activities and recreational pursuits make this cosmopolitan city a must-go-to destination. Mingle with the culturally diverse population in China Town, Little India and Little Italy, where it’s possible to learn about the world in one visit. Or venture out of the city gates and into the Coast Mountains to get an adrenaline kick from snowboarding, tubing, sledging or mountain biking in one of the most striking landscapes on Earth.

For more multicultural endeavours, Toronto – the safest city north of America – is home to Greektown, Little Jamaica, Koreatown and Little Italy, who live in harmony on the west side of Lake Ontario. Being the largest city in Canada, it is thriving with theatres, shops and entertainment, however the main attraction are the magnificent Niagara Falls, a real wonder of the world.

Round Up

Whatever your initial route home was; cancel it! Instead of the daunting plane journey home where only mundane routines and a smothering of kisses off your mother await you, take the longer way home after your stint in Australia and continue your travelling adventure.

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