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Surfing Holiday in Australia

By Rohini Makwana

Posted: 11th September 2012 12:46

In Australia surfing is not just a sport, it’s a way of life.  This passion combined with a sporty and fun atmosphere is second to none so it’s no wonder Australia is home to the greatest waves on the earth and surfers from all over the world take to them.  Challenge yourself whilst having the opportunity to meet new people all the while having an amazing time as you take to the waves on the beautiful coastlines of Australia. 

The south coast is the main surfing area.  The famous Bells  Beach is a hotspot with its variety of waves.   The location is home to the annual Rip Curl Pro competition where surfers can put their skills to the test in a friendly and competitive event.  When you’re not surfing why not relax on the long golden beaches, sipping a delicious cocktail whilst eating fresh food.  Not to mention you’ll be amongst like-minded people with the beautiful sun and clear blue skies. 

The west coast boasts of being a place where surfers can enjoy the waves in a more peaceful environment with sun-kissed coastlines.  Being home to the popular city of Perth, this is one of the world’s greatest surfing cities.  So why not indulge in the world’s most remote capital city with its calming city atmosphere.

The east coast of Australia offers legendary spots such as Kirra and Burleigh Heads.  The coast is so fantastic it has been a training ground for previous world champions.  All the residential areas here, like that of Queensland, get plenty of attention with their brilliant attractions in a vibe like no other.  Check out the colourful reefs, points of attractions and beach breaks.  The weather is nothing less than beautiful and the sea temperature is warm, enticing as it sounds. 

Surfingin Australia can be taught to people of all walks of life and abilities in all locations.  There is always something you’ll love about surfing, whether it’s watching people do magnificent stunts to enjoying the peaceful tranquillity of the warm waters whilst gazing at the stunning horizon on your board.  With the unique thrill you’ll get from surfing, you’ll want to stay in Australia and keep it up.   

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