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Scintillating Singapore

Posted: 3rd April 2017 09:07

Singapore, a former British trading colony in the 19th century, is located in Southeast Asia. If tourists want to experience the tropical weather and the medley of cultures on display, Singapore is definitely the country for you.

For those of you lovely wives that enjoy  shopping and spending your husband’s hard earned cash on designer clothes and shopping in general, why not head on over to Orchard Road (pictured)?  The road s literally awash with shops and malls as far as the eye can see.  Maybe you want to take your family along with you instead on Christmas Day where you and the children will enjoy walking through a road where palm trees are decorated with reindeers and gingerbread houses covered in fake snow.

Due to the great influx of Chinese and Indian immigrants during the colonial period you would be hard pressed not to find Chinese and Indian restaurants everywhere you go.  Tourists looking to sample the sumptuous local cuisine should make their way to Chinatown, which is now a Chinese heritage area.  For those heat seekers that can’t bear to eat without having their tongues burned, do not look beyond Little India, north of the city core.  Most of their restaurants are renowned for their spicy heat!

Want to avoid the congested cities and have a more relaxing time?  Pack your slippers and beach towels and head off to the East Coast.  Home to Singapore’s Malay populous, you will encounter a friendly local community, wonderful coastline and loads of eateries.

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