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Planning Your Australian Adventure

Posted: 1st April 2016 08:46

Of course, the best option when it comes to travelling to Australia is by airplane, depending on the country you’re departing from.  Take for example; it takes at least a whole entire day just to get to Australia from Britain. 

But this type of travel also extends to travelling domestically within Australia where getting from A to B is much further than you’d first think.  Australians rely on aviation in the same way people from smaller countries rely on trains and buses.  It is the best form of transport which allows you to quickly hop between different places if your time in Australia is short.  Domestic flights operate between major cities.

Car hire is reasonably priced in Australia and is available to those over 21 who prefer to travel around the country at their own pace.  Renting a 4x4 (four-wheel drive vehicle) is one of the best ways to see explore the country.  So get behind the wheel and have a real off-road adventure cruising through the Outback. 

Jump on a tram which will take you through the lively streets of Melbourne or take a ferry ride and watch the beautiful Sydney Harbour on the relaxing waters.  Australia isn’t short of clean, affordable and reliable public transport – from trains, busses, monorail, trams, ferries you have everything at hand to get you in and around Australian towns and cities. 

Taxis are a safe and affordable alternative to public transport and are easy to arrange or flag down.  Meter-operated taxis can be found in most town and cities – there is a minimum ‘flagfall charge’ on top of the charge for the distance travelled.  On the plus side, taxi drivers don’t expect to be tipped and some taxis even accept payments made using a credit card.

The only downfall comes with rail travel and the fact that it can be quite expensive and slow.  Two services span the continent from coast to coast.  The Indian Pacific travels from Sydney on the east coast to Perth on the west coast and crosses Australia’s well-known Nullarbor Plain – the journey takes three days and nights.  The Ghan travels between Adelaide and Darwin and runs takes two nights. 

Australia has heaps of coastline, islands, rivers and lakes and a range of vessels to use at your convenience.  So why not take to the water and see the stunning Great Barrier Reef on a deep-sea fishing cruiser or take a paddle streamer along Brisbane River. 

You won’t be able help but appreciate the beauty of this contrasting country regardless of what mode of transport you use all the same. 

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