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Moki Schwartz Tours

Posted: 9th December 2015 09:25

To learn more about Jerusalem’s storied history, explore a specific part of the city’s heritage, or discover the beauty of Israel, book a private tour with Moki Schwartz.  As an expert in history, archaeology and religion there is no one better to introduce you to the country, but it is Moki’s personality that makes his tours so interesting and memorable – a chance to explore with him is an opportunity not to be missed.

Moki has worked hard to put together great trips that highlight the most interesting parts of Jerusalem and the surrounding area, but as an independent guide he has the flexibility and expertise to tailor any trip to focus on the things that interest you most. 

Whether you want to explore Jerusalem or Masada, the Dead Sea, the Golan Heights, or the Galilee – from north to south and anywhere in between – Moki Schwartz is the perfect guide and you and your friends benefit from his undivided attention.  If you are visiting Israel this year, for a day or a month, a tour with Moki is the one thing that should definitely make an appearance on your itinerary.


Jerusalem as a Window into the Past and Present

Shedding Light on Religion, History and Archaeology in the Old City.

Come on this fascinating journey and explore how an ancient city over 3,000 years old can still touch the hearts of millions of believers all over the world.

From the Church of the Holy Sepulchre to Haram al-Sharif, better known as the Temple mount, through the four quarters, and via the best kept secrets in this magical city – visit the sites that make Jerusalem one of the most unique, holy, and mysterious cities in the world.

Politics, Politics, Politics – Is this City Real?

Jerusalem's Current Affairs

On this tour you will get into the nitty-gritty of the political complication vis-à-vis Jerusalem in the larger context of "the conflict" and bring you closer to a real understanding of the challenging situation.

Explore the problematic issues through the sites which exemplify the concerns at hand.  We will stop at the southern end of the city overlooking Bethlehem, the separation wall, travel along the "Jerusalem seam-line", visit the famous "Sheikh Jarach" neighbourhood and much more.

Jerusalem: Over and Under – Rooftops and Alleyways

Jerusalem’s Archaeology

No other city in the world has as much to offer, archeologically, as the city Jerusalem.  What can we learn from all that has been found and what is still waiting to show up?  This tour can be arranged as a full or half day tour and is perfect for archaeology lovers.

The Use and Abuse of the Masada Ethos

Breaking the Myths: the Truth about Masada.

As one of the prime archaeological sites in the world, Masada's story is thrilling, inspiring and...  quite complicated.

What do we really know about the Masada story as it is told in the works of Josephus Flavius?  What can we make of the mass suicide story?  In what way has the story been abused?  What details have the latest archaeological excavations uncovered?



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