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Marvellous Malaysia

By Rachel Nash

Posted: 6th November 2012 14:32

A colourful and vitalising country, Malaysia entertains and electrifies every tourist that flocks here.  For a fun-filled and packed holiday, Malaysia doesn’t disappoint. 

Join the ‘Red Ape’ trail (pictured) in the city of Kuching for an adventurous trek through the enchanting rainforest where you’ll wild orang-utans and visit remote communities.  The trail promises its customers an insight into wild, endangered species that survive in their natural habitat.  Visiting the authentic longhouses of the local Iban guides is also on the itinerary, the guides give speeches of their knowledge of the animals and their communities. 

Whenever you get hungry, the Top Spot Food Court in Kuching is always there for you.  With numerous stalls lit up in neon, spacious dining areas and the freshest of food that includes only the best traditional Malaysian cuisine.  Go to the food court for breakfast, lunch and dinner where you’ll find delicious dishes such as midin, oyster pancakes and razor clams.  Try a dish from every stall to truly appreciate the amazing food Malaysia has to offer. 

For remarkable sights and an adrenaline-filled afternoon, take a hike up Mount Kinabalu located in the Borneo Island.  Being the tallest mountain the whole of South–East Asia is proof you’re going to have a good time.  Luckily for all tourists and mountain climbing virgins, is it one of the easiest peaks to conquer, only takes two days and the climber leaders don’t ask for any previous experience.  Climbers typically take two people a day with an overnight stop at a guest house.  Incredibly rewarding and unforgettable, climbing Kinabalu is one activity you can’t miss out on. 

A night out in Malaysia is surprisingly better than you may initially think.  Sky Bar, situated in the centre of Kuala Lumpur is vibrant and glamorous and is the best place to head to for a cocktail in Malaysia- it’s situated on the top floor of a hotel after all! 

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