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Malaysia Volunteering Projects

By Josie Martin

Posted: 9th April 2013 08:48

Malaysia boasts some of the finest climate in the world; with a huge amount of wildlife, both in and out of the waters, you’ll find plenty of volunteering opportunities with its many furry inhabitants, as well as the possibility to help out with environmental conservation and assist in the running of centres for the under-privileged.  Malaysia has incredible options for everyone.

Orangutan Centres

Getting a chance to trek through the rainforest while helping out the majestic orangutan is one of the best ways to see Malaysia.  This wonderful ape is one of the most intelligent of its kind, and as such you’ll no doubt make some friends for life in these animals!  Since they are becoming more endangered, it is vital that they get some help in conservation efforts.  You’ll learn how to look after the youngest orangutans as well as feeding and playing with the older ones.  By giving these animals the care and attention they need, you’ll give them a fighting chance whether they stay a part of one of these centres or are released into the wild.  While the hands-on care of the animals is key to their development, you’ll also have a chance to record their growth and assess their needs as you get used to your duties within the station.  Doing this in the heart of Borneo means that you’ll also get a stunningly authentic experience of the other animals that reside around you in the jungle.

Care for Disabled Children

While there are many who are in need, Malaysia’s disabled children are a priority so centres that give these children the attention they require are always in need of help.  By offering your volunteering services you’ll have the chance to get to know the wonderful residents and help them with their day-to-day tasks.  Since the children will have very different capabilities and requirements, you’ll really get a sense of how to help and where you are needed.  This will be a variety of important and basic tasks like washing and assisting with dinners, as well as the fun stuff too! You’ll encourage the children to learn and play by joining in with their games and giving them a chance to develop at their own speed.  By doing this, you’ll get a sense of how important your help really is, as well as learning about and experiencing the Malaysian culture first-hand. 

Coral Reef Conservation

If you’re a budding scuba diver, then this is the opportunity for you.  Since it takes part in one of the world’s finest diving destinations, you’ll see some of the most beautiful underwater areas on the planet.  Your job will be to protect the surviving coral reefs and replant others into suitable areas, as well as protecting the local turtle eggs to make sure their population stays high.  The marine life is still incredible, but it needs some work; sadly, global warming has caused some of the corals to die, so by volunteering to help here you can guarantee the seas will be stunning for a long time.  This work is vital for the entire ecosystem – each coral provides food and shelter for fish which provide sustenance for the larger marine animals, so by volunteering here you’ll be saving a whole stunning sea of animals! 

Community Development

By joining a local tribe in the heart of Borneo, you’ll get a real sense of the environment that surrounds you.  Learning about the wildlife will take up a lot of your time – you’ll work with elephants, monkeys, sun bears and many more fascinating animals that aren’t found anywhere else in the world.  Keeping tabs on their comings and goings will be part of your duties, and this will teach you a huge amount about the need for conservation in Borneo.  While you’ll spend a fair amount of time with the animals, you’ll be housed with a local tribe in the jungle, so there’ll also be opportunities to learn about the tribal culture of the locals and participate in arts and crafts.  In your spare time, you can trek through the jungle and explore the tropical area; the reforestation you take part in will guarantee that other visitors will get to appreciate the stunning jungles and diverse wildlife for years to come.

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