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Cycling in India

By Rohini Makwana

Posted: 11th September 2012 12:32

India is a magical journey of adventure, beauty and mystery; it’s a land that knows no limits on lifestyle. Cycling tours through India are a fantastic way to experience the real India because it’s a unique opportunity to see everything, get involved with the vast and diverse culture they have and maybe even learn a thing or two.

No other opportunity will allow regular people to tour on bike through the popular Indian states of Rajasthan and Karala. Rajasthan is a place where the culture proves to be as diverse as the people and fun events like circuses and fun fairs are regular. The state is the home of tremendous stories that make its history fascinating. Or cyclists can freely explore the secluded areas of Karala on a timeless safari. They’ll find that this land is an alternative beauty to Rajasthan. With its lush green mountains, wonderful woodlands, easy going rivers, blue lagoons and abundant wildlife Karala looks like it has been crafted by god’s own hands.

Pedal through diverse and cultural villages filled with friendly and traditional people who are all too eager to share wonderful stories and get to know you. The ride along the open road between villages will perhaps be shared by camels, cows, goats and maybe even an elephant.

See children running around freely and often playing a game of cricket, amongst the vast diversity of the streets. See temples that have their own individual style and peaceful kind people. Experience an unforgettable first hand experience of how the locals live; like women taking water from the communal well and the villagers helping each other in their everyday to day life.

Be overwhelmed by the astonishing transformations of deserts and towns as you explore them on camel back: as travellers and nomads have done for centuries. Watching the sunset and sunrise in the Thar Desert is a sight that’s worth seeing and video recording, because it’s so unique and pure. There’s no other place on earth to see the magical stars light up the clear midnight sky in the cool breeze than in this desert.

Exploring the vast and remote world of the Himalayas is the opportunity of a life time. For centuries men and women have been pulled towards the Himalayas to conquer their peaks and explore the intricate and unique labyrinths of their hidden valleys. This part of the journey starts in the lush foothills of the Kullu Valley. From here you will be welcomed into the remote and magnificent peaks, which is like a beautiful and peaceful world of its own. Travellers will ride through unbeatable views of mountains that will enable them to see the vast land for miles. Nature like the large cool clear blue lakes and green trees and pure white snow is unique to the Himalayan Mountains. Even in the Summer travellers will be in the habitat of breathtaking wildness and desolate beauty.

Accompanied by Indian friends, who know the tours like the back of their hand, through-out the tour cyclists will never be lost and have somebody to share the experience that sums up life itself.  

There is plenty of accommodation, which is very well priced, throughout the Himalayan Mountain and City tours with friendly hotel staff. Those on the tours can either book in advance or let their inner adventurer out as they choose where to stay once in the destination.

It is easy to read this from a computer, tablet or smart phone screen but you could soon take on the experience of a lifetime with a friendly group of companions in what is undoubtedly the most exciting bicycle adventure to be had on Earth.

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